Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates–(Vehement Media. – December 10, 2021) – Proof of Fusion is an impact-driven organization that focuses on the world’s most important causes while creating a better future for humanity through blockchain technology. In partnership with BigCityBeats, the inaugural Proof of Fusion event taking place trackside during Formula One this weekend on Yas Island will formally announce the launch of Space Club Kitchen invented by Bernd Breiter, the first international, global and orbital event connecting restaurants and kitchens around the world with the International Space Station (ISS) to inspire one of the biggest food donations in history and serve over one billion meals to those in need in a single day. Space Club Kitchen will take place in March of 2022 and live stream from the ISS to more than 50 iconic event locations around the globe to billions of viewers in what is predicted to be the largest humanitarian activation in modern day history. Space Club Kitchen has partnered with the largest chef association in the world to work with over 12.5 million chefs who will cook the same recipe alongside over 50 celebrity chefs while streaming live with astronaut, Dr. Matthias Maurer and his space colleagues from the ISS.

“We bring the whole world to one table and thus unite through the two universal languages: Music and Culinary, all of humanity,’ – Bernd Breiter, CEO and Founder of BigCityBeats.

In the renowned Emirate of Abu Dhabi, Proof of Fusion is bringing together global leaders in blockchain, investment, charity and government alongside recognized celebrities and entertainers to create a one-of-a-kind experience for its inaugural event taking place, the Rich List Terrace at W Hotel on Yas Island tomorrow evening, Saturday, December 11th during the historic Formula One race weekend.

The organization has brought together the most well-respected and recognized partners to put on this unique experience creating a network effect guided by the top ‘network of networks’ organizations in the fields of sport, investment, blockchain, media, and entertainment. Fittingly, the Title Sponsor of this inaugural event is Unbounded Network, a decentralized platform that brings leading blockchain technologies, organizations and projects together. Unbounded Network connects users, apps and ecosystems across multiple blockchain networks in a seamless way and is about to show-case its cross-chain Unbounded Wallet{TM} at the event.

Proof of Fusion’s ‘network of networks’ initiative has guided the organization to activate the sports and entertainment ecosystem through (i) Formula One which playing host to the its first event, (ii) the DAVOS ecosystem through Richard Strombeck, co-Founder of Neoflow Asset Management, (iii) the blockchain ecosystem through Draper Goren Holm and (iv) the media ecosystem through an exclusive strategic media partnership for the Middle East with ITP Live. ITP Live is a subsidiary of ITP Media Group, the largest media company in the Middle East, with a portfolio of more than 75 brands, over 225 iconic events per year and a monthly audience reach of 104.6 million in the Gulf Region and beyond. Disruptive World is a strategic partner of Proof of Fusion to provide additional support with incubating and accelerating all aspects of the greater organization.

“We have chosen to host our first-ever Proof of Fusion event in Abu Dhabi because the UAE is a melting pot of international cultures and is globally recognized as a leader in driving technology and cultural initiatives that support a better future for all of humanity. With the UAE’s 2030 vision of building an open, efficient, effective and globally integrated business environment, we are well aligned and in sync with all that the UAE stands for in its mission as the global hub for the Fourth Industrial Revolution,” said Evan Klassen, co-Founder of Proof of Fusion.

The Founders of Proof of Fusion, Evan Klassen (international investor and serial entrepreneur), Matthias Mende (Founder of the Bonuz Market) and Bally Singh (Founder of Richlist) are excited to launch this event and activate global ecosystems to further humanitarian causes through world leaders, innovators and new technologies.

Surprise celebrities will be announced as well as new partnerships throughout the star-studded evening Saturday, December 11th.

About Proof of Fusion

Proof of Fusion is the alchemical crucible for co-creating magic at the intersection of all noble pursuits. Proof of Fusion is a one-of-a-kind event studio that brings entrepreneurs, thought leaders in blockchain, crypto and NFT, philanthropists, visionaries, entertainers, artists, investors and government leaders together for unique experiences that all revolve around changing the world for good and creating a better future for humanity. Learn more at www.proofoffusion.comwww.instagram.com/proofoffusion/.

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