London, United Kingdom–(Vehement Media – November 12, 2021) – The gaming guild, The Club, invested $3 million USDC in NFT ships of the Star Atlas, a AAA strategy game built on the Solana blockchain focused on space exploration, territorial conquest, political domination and more. This sets a new record for in-game NFT-content purchases. The previous record belonged to the Axie Infinity game, where nine “lands” were sold for $1.5 million earlier this year.

The Club guild has spent $3 million USDC on ships purchases from the Star Atlas Galactic Asset Offering (GAO), covering all ship tiers as well as securing twelve commander size ships at the estimated $80-100k price per ship. The Club is the largest gaming guild by asset size in the Star Atlas metaverse with a confirmed asset holding of over $6 million, not including this purchase. The guild consists of eSports professionals, coders, CTOs, artists, executives, leaders and users with a deep understanding of blockchain technologies, finance, investments, and NFT-games. Sharing collective knowledge, not just with members but with all, is part of The Club’s mission statement. One of the recent developments is a Metaverse Explorer app (, a very useful tool for a detailed breakdown of the Star Atlas ecosystem and Faction assets.

Star Atlas CEO Michael Wagner commented on the news, “The Club’s interest in our game and our metaverse is very exciting for Star Atlas. We value all the guild activity that has occurred during the GAO and beyond as the community immerses itself in the metaverse we are shaping. We want to further that sense of community in the game by improving guild operations via DAOs and DACs with enhanced governance, treasury management, and fundraising.”

Securing additional Star Altas game assets will enhance The Club’s presence in the metaverse and allow it to promote the social and financial inclusion to any member wanting to join the Guild’s future scholarship program.

Star Atlas is a AAA virtual gaming metaverse built on the Solana blockchain. It belongs to the third generation of NFT-games with realistic graphics, built in Unreal Engine 5, a large budget and familiar video game options (exploring, upgrades, battles, social interactions), plus an economy with ATLAS in-game currency and POLIS governance token which are freely traded on crypto markets. Players earn the in-game currency in Star Atlas and can freely exchange it for the popular cryptocurrencies BTC, ETH, as well as fiat money.

A record $3 million purchase of in-game assets opens up new perspectives for NFT-projects and sends a clear signal to crypto investors and players about the long-term goals of The Club guild.

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