Since the launch of Monaco Planet, the project has gone on to attain new highs and is setting the template for practical applications of Web3 in social media

Hong Kong, China–(Vehement Media. – January 7, 2022) – Monaco Planet has surpassed the milestones set for its decentralized social media platform since its launch on November 28, 2021, amassing over 60,000 users in just three weeks. Monaco Planet employs a “write-to-earn” model enabled by the use of blockchain technology. According to official reports, the number of NFT assets currently displayed by Monaco Planet users exceeds 400,000, with a total value of $100 million.

Monaco Planet rewards users for writing and engaging on its social platform, bringing a fresh perspective to the concept of social media. With the advent of web 3.0, Monaco’s “write-to-earn” approach appears to be the right way to build the next generation of social media platforms. The world has seen how blockchain technology has transformed the gaming industry, and Monaco Planet plans to replicate this success in the social media industry.

Furthermore, Monaco Planet is supported by its utility token, $MONA, which is currently ranked among the top ten altcoins on Pancakeswap, the largest DEX on Binance Smart Chain. Monaco Planet’s growth has resulted in their top user earning up to $19,000 in rewards. Furthermore, Monaco Planet offers additional benefits such as a seamless wallet address login to avoid dubious draws during its lottery. Users on Monaco can initiate a lottery and pledge their NFTs directly. Monaco Planet went live on January 1st, allowing the general public to begin earning rewards through content mining. Monaco also uses an active user form of governance, embracing the concept of decentralization by allowing users to direct the future operations of the Monaco planet.

Monaco’s primary goal is to return control of social media to users through decentralization, and the country has begun to take significant steps toward that goal, with the current top-ranking user having an NFT worth of over $3.5 million.




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