Ahmedabad, Gujarat–(Vehement Media.- February 26, 2022) – Stock market investment training firm from Gujrat Dharamik has rebranded itself as Aim Institute Of Stock Market recently. The firm that started its operation in Ahmedabad in the year 2016, has been providing training and assistance facilities to traders and investors since its inception. It has almost 5000 members at present.


AISM provides lifetime services to its members which include near-accurate trading signals, informative lessons, and 24×7 expert support for trading and investment. It aims at providing new-age solutions to the ever-changing trading and investment domain.

From the founder’s desk

Dharamik Thakkar the founder of AIMS said that ” We are pleased to announce that we have renamed Dharamik Enterprise LLP to Aim Institute of Stock Market with the vision to reach to a wider audience across the country and help trading enthusiasts find and approach the right platform where they can learn and get lifetime support to build a strong portfolio.”

About AISM

Aim Institute of Stock Market formerly known as Dharamik is a venture of Gujrat-based ace entrepreneur Dharamik Thakkar who launched it to provide support to small and medium intraday traders seeking expert guidance for secure trades. Later he felt that secure trading doesn’t only need small-time support but an in-depth training and detailed understanding of how markets function along with disciplined investment. So he launched full-fledged courses about the fundamental of the Indian stock market along with lifetime support to the members of his firm. In the last 3 years company grew from a small 15-member firm to 5000 members across the country. It is also the biggest community of traders in India.

Providing prompt and accurate updates about the stock market clubbed with the right trading advice the firm has helped its client in building strong portfolios. The members get the support of experts in live trading sessions as well.

About the founder

Founder of AISM Dharamik Thakkar is a sharp and seasoned stock market expert, who started trading at the age of 15 from his father’s account. He started learning about the stock market when he was in high school. Till he finished his schooling he was firm and clear that he wants to build a career in the stock market trading and investment. In 2016 he founded his venture Dharamik Enterprise LLP. He recently changed its name from Dharamik Enterprise LLP to Aim Institute of Stock Market with the strategy to widen its reach and align the brand name with the vision of his business.

Media Contact:

Company mail: dharmik.help@gmail.com
Website: www.Aism.in


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