London, United Kingdom–(Vehement Media. – December 7, 2021) – The world of fashion is dynamic and extremely fast-paced. As a consumer, one only understands the realm by looking at posters, fashion models, and online ads of fashion accessories and apparel. However, there is a lot more that goes behind the scenes, particularly among the fashion models.

                   Talent Agency The Lions

Picking the right agency for representation is a key component to a model’s success. The stakes are raised once supermodel status has been achieved, and every choice must be meticulously thought-out by taking in a whole host of factors: from high fashion credibility to financial lucrativeness, all the way to public perception and depth of exposure.

On top of all that, models need to regularly partner with brands and creative ventures in the industry to stay on top of the relevance matrix and their modelling or talent agency plays a major role in finding these partners.

The Lions Management works with household names like Stella Maxwell, Kate Upton and Ebonee Davis who have appreciated the thorough attention to detail, deft navigation of important career choices which the agency offers to all its fashion models.

The Lions recently announced that their revised aim is to open up the world of personalized opportunities for the models by working with high-end branded content and creative ventures. The talent agency now aims to offer all its supermodels with work in the industry spanning brand deals, documentaries, creative ventures, and more.

For Russian supermodel Irina Shayk, The Lions facilitated a collaboration with longtime footwear heavyweight, Tamara Mellon, merging the two’s inherently sexy vibe into one cohesive collection. Also to note is the Shayk and Mellon’s second capsule releasing in October 2021 and subsequently prompting the mainstream return of the “bant,” Mellon’s signature boot and legging blend. She earned the Russian beauty Fashion Entrepreneur of the Year Award later on.

The talent agency has also utilized the background and experience of its transgender Brazilian supermodel, Valentina Sampaio, to create a one-of-a-kind fashion film and matching non-fungible token (NFT) focusing on the plight of the trans community in America.

Tapping into its talents’ individual background to create a buzzy mid-pandemic social media campaign for shipping courier service, DHL, The Lions strategically selected talent and used their distinct voices to create heartfelt stories meant to speak directly to the consumer, shifting the agency’s fashion-oriented audience toward thinking of DHL as their first choice in shipping options.

While The Lions and its expanding list of expanded services have helped the visibility and success of its brand clients, its talent management arm now promises relevant partnerships and could be considered as the premier place to be for a 21st century supermodel.

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