Detroit, Michigan–(Vehement Media. – January 18, 2022) – Try-A-Tesla announces the first custom Tesla Rental Company. The only car that can claim equal innovation when compared to the contemporary electric Tesla (sorry, DeLorean fans) is Henry Ford’s Quadricycle, the first automobile from the famed vehicle mogul, who set the standard for vehicle design, imprinting virtually every vehicle that followed.

Try-a-Tesla offers its own innovation. The company provides a new take on high-end vehicle rentals, putting it on the cutting edge of the business model. Drivers are able to choose among several different Tesla models, which gives drivers an opportunity to become acquainted with the masterworks by Elon Musk, who was named Time Magazine’s Person of the Year for 2021.

There’s no denying the Tesla is sexy, and not just because of its ecofriendly street cred. No matter the model, it has sleek lines and a bold color palette that’s meant to attract attention.

Tesla is the largest and most significant electric car company that’s making an impact on the changing market that recognizes global warming: and Try-A-Tesla is right along side them bringing this innovative car to the rental market! Specializing in only Tesla rentals, try-a-Teslas inventory is stocked with the hottest models on the market, equipped with auto pilot, custom rims, and top of the line specs.

Try-a-Tesla allows intimate tours

Try-a-Tesla features the Tesla model X Plaid, which has a power-packed engine and the fastest acceleration of any SUV on the market as well as the most storage and towing capacity of any electric SUV. It features Falcon Wing doors to make it easier to load and unload (Thanks for the inspiration, John DeLorean).

Users can also find The Model S Plaid, which is described as being rocket-fast with 1200 horsepower that reaches 50 mph in 2 seconds. The interior is also innovative, with curved detailing and polished wood accents. The Model Y and the Model 3 Long Range are both sleek, four-door sedans, but the cars are far too sophisticated to wear the description “sedan” comfortably. Both are sporty, but the shorter Model 3 Long Range has a sexier silhouette.

The Tesla X Plaid is available on request; the S Plaid is available by special request only.

Try-a-Tesla will feature Cybertruck in 2022

Coming in 2022 is the Tesla Cybertruck, an edgy, angular vehicle with a distinct sci-fi silhouette. The Cybertruck went into production in 2019, and is part utility truck, part sports car. Users can be among the first to drive the armored glass vehicle with a sharp stainless-steel body.

But because it is nothing but an exoskeleton, there is another interesting design feature about the Cybertruck.

According to Musk in an interview with Fred Lambert on the website Electrek, Wraps, however, can be used – and potentially could be made available by Tesla – to give each individual Cybertruck its own unique look.

It’s also a great opportunity for someone in the market for an electric car to thoroughly test drive a Tesla while looking for the best. Try-a-Tesla gives a chance to test drive with a rental, so the first getting-to-know-you drive of the sleekest, most Avant guard vehicle currently on the market will give the information needed about the vehicle. Adding to its cool factor, the Cybertruck has a towing capacity of 140,000 pounds.

To find out more about renting a Tesla from one of the most knowledgeable high-end rental facilities in the Miami area, contact Try-a-Tesla Custom Tesla Rentals at (785) TES-LAAA (937-5222.)

Check out the sleek website here.

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