London, United Kingdom–(Vehement Media – November 24, 2021) – There is something trending every day and right now, the one project making quite the wave in the crypto pond is DXBPay.


It could be the new age gold rush, or it could be another online bubble about to explode at any moment. Ever since Bitcoin’s creation in 2008, cryptocurrency steadily attracted international interest. Google will tell you how high the search density for Ethereum was in 2020, along with Google Trends showing how non-Western countries are particularly interested in cryptocurrency.

A Brief Overview of DXBPay

Over the years and past many innovations, new and varied kinds of blockchains emerged. Among these, some were based on accredited proof of stake-this enabled a certain number of nodes to safely validate transactions. The blockchain star right now is Binance Smart Chain (BSC), which paved the path for building new projects.

These projects are immediately able to provide several applications, particularly for cheap, fast exchanges and they added value and liquidity. DXB is among the few in the token model space to choose BSC to improve its decentralized trading, business plans and payment gateways.

All Eyes on DXBPay

So, what is attracting so much attention to DXBPay? Let us look at some of the primary reasons.

Low Transaction Fees and High Speed

Volume and speed are the key features of modern decentralized finance. DXBPay strives for flexibility and expansion without creating blockages because of high gas fee demands. The platform was created knowing very well that high fees are the reason why small-scale investors shy away from doing financial transactions. This issue has led to a fall in decentralized financial and cryptocurrency choice as excessive fees show the system is basically open for large-scale holders who are ready to play the game without worrying about high gas fees.

Best Suited for Microtransactions

With more expensive gas fees and lengthy transaction validation times, transferring small transactions through the network is not a friendly choice anymore. The DXB token on the other hand is a digital asset with the purpose to accumulate various technologies for a decentralized financial system, channels for merchant payment and as well as charity.

The eventual aim of DXBPay is to create a user-friendly payment standard that uses cross-chain capacities to assist the requirements of merchants. The purpose is to extend a reliable means for online merchants and also implement a fast and simple method to confirm transactions to finish them at a quicker rate on the blockchain.

Smart Contracts for The Win

With the appearance of the BSC network, smart contracts became very popular. It is much better when it comes to safety than other cryptocurrencies. DXB’s goal is to create several revenue streams and build incentives by using smart contracts. At its heart, the DXB project makes smart contracts to deliver its incentives and fees details.

Rewards Rewards and Rewards

The DXB’s token contract was developed with great innovation and security which appeals to a large sector of investors.

Although built with large supply, DXB’s token contract includes two smart burning mechanisms, and an intelligent BNB rewards simply for holding to continuously reduce the supply and increase the demand.

A small fee of every transaction is deducted to serve as an auto liquidity generation, while another fee is immediately and permanently sent to a blackhole address to reduce the circulating supply on a transactional basis.

The last small fee deducted is exchanged into BNB and distributed to investors proportionate to their holdings and in an accumulative basis, which means investors can continue to accumulate BNB rewards as long as they are holding DXB and as long as people continue to transact.

If that is not enough, they have an innovative automatic monthly burns which calculates an equivalent to 5% of all DXB acquired tokens within a 30 days cycle and burn it permanently to cause a strong pump to the token price on a monthly basis and keep investors committed to holding DXB token.

BNB rewards and all burns are governed by its own smart contract which adds a whole new level of security due to no human intervention.


DXBPay will keep growing even faster and the above-mentioned goals are the principal answers as to why DXBPay is attracting so much attention.

DXBPay is listed on Coin Market Cap and Coin Gecko, and available on PancakeSwap paired with BNB.



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