Copenhagen, Denmark–(Vehement Media. – December 19, 2021) – VG Pecunia Limited recently announced the roll out of its latest offering, the VG SPORT Program with the primary objective of enabling the mass market to utilize and benefit VG Pecunia Limited from actuarial science.

                   VG Pecunia Limited

VG Pecunia Limited, a full service, independent actuarial consulting firm has an innovative business model that enables everyone to leverage on actuarial science and win.

Access to expert actuarial advice has long been the preserve of institutions, corporations and family offices, essentially entities with access to tremendous amounts of capital and resources but all this is set to change with the launch of VG Pecunia Limited’s latest offering, the VG SPORT Program, which is open to participation by retail customers.

The VG SPORT Program, SPORT being the acronym for S: Systematic, P: Profitable, O: Opportunities, R: Rational, T: Transcendent, provides information on trades across different markets ranging from Forex to stocks to sports books that are derived through the use of actuarial science.

The system used by the VG SPORT Program combines Artificial intelligence (AI), Data Science, algorithms, cutting-edge software analytics, Blockchain and more importantly experienced, well-qualified professionals.

One key feature that distinguishes the VG SPORT Program from any other similar platform that provides trading information based on expert analysis or evaluation is its unique Assurance Mechanism.

With such a mechanism in place, the VG SPORT Program is a lot more than just a trading advisory platform. It provides sound and sustainable economic incentives.

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