Copenhagen, Denmark–(Vehement Media. – March 1, 2022) – VG Pecunia Limited, a leading provider of actuarial and strategic consultancy services has announced the establishment of several key partnerships in Brazil, France, Spain and Germany, marking the gaining of a foothold in the South America and Europe regions.

                                             VG Sport

“As a global leader in the field of actuarial services, we are thrilled to have found great partners to launch the VG Pecunia Limited brand-name as well as further grow the VG SPORT Program in two major international markets, Europe and South America,” said Benjamin Huang, VG Pecunia Limited’s Chief Marketing Officer.

Mr Huang further added that, “Our partners in these two regions have an in-depth understanding of their local and regional markets and are well-acquainted with growth opportunities that exist nationally as well as regionally. Their partnership with VG Pecunia Limited will allow them to market products and services which meet the needs of many retail traders, such as the VG SPORT Program.”

With market trading currently enjoying a boom worldwide, where trading volumes as well as the number of traders are on the rise, it is widely expected that such moves would have a positive impact on VG Pecunia Limited’s market development and revenue growth.

In addition, these moves will establish Brazil, France, Spain and Germany as major bases, allowing for future expansion into Europe and South America, thereby having a positive impact on its long-term growth.

According to a statement issued by VG Pecunia Limited, “the establishment of partnerships in the above-mentioned countries give us a strong base to operate from and to project our presence into the European and South American markets in the long-term. We are seeing strong momentum in both Europe and South America in terms of market demand for our products as well as services and we are excited to be there.”

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