Copenhagen, Denmark–(Vehement Media. – December 7, 2021) – VG Pecunia Limited’s Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), Mr. Benjamin Huang took to the microphone on December 4th, 2021 during the Blockchance Europe 2021 Conference in Germany and spoke at length about how Blockchain technology and Artificial Intelligence can be incorporated into Actuarial Science to make it more effective.

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Held in Hamburg, Germany from December 2nd to December 4th, 2021, the prestigious conference attracted 1,500 attendees, 300 companies and up to 120 speakers to participate, amongst which included a number of prominent individuals such as Andreas Dressel, Senator of Finance of Hamburg, Founder of Tron, Justin Sun and Co-Founder of Ethereum and CEO at ConsenSys, Joseph Lubin.

Speaking at the conference, Huang advocated artificial intelligence and blockchain technology’s transformative potential in the field of Actuarial Science in terms of how it could simplify and improvise work processes as well as deliver better overall results.

In his address, Huang focused on how important it is for the actuarial science industry to keep up with rapidly developing technological trends so as to “to remain relevant and thrive in an era of rapid change.”

He noted: “As a profession, whose very existence is based on the premise of being skilled at predicting outcomes and the future as well as managing risk, it is important for actuaries to recognize the benefits that blockchain technology and artificial intelligence bring us, to embrace it and to capitalize on it.”

Mr. Huang also called on actuaries to leverage on technological developments to “look at improving accessibility to expert actuarial advice by the general public,” a direction which VG Pecunia Limited is moving in.

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