Ondo, Nigeria–(Vehement Media. – December 7, 2021) – Volterra announces their version 2 and comes up with an IDO on 12th December.

What is Volterra?

As an easy alternative to mining rewards, Volterra proposes allowing users to participate in a smart contract token reflection to produce tokens inside their wallets.

Volterra proposes utilizing a smart contract function to automatically capture liquidity to be used on the decentralized exchanges and held in custody independent from user possession.

Additionally, a smart contract that provides the capability to burn tokens can promote scarcity by reducing the total supply.

What It Holds for The Volterra Ecosystem

  1. NFT and Art

Volterra NFT (LMC) would allow users to shoot live photos and short films (less than 5 seconds) that would be uploaded and turned into an NFT-Token. Volterra NFT (LMC) has interactive features that not only distinguish it from other blockchains but also provide a more engaging method to participate inside the blockchain itself.

How it works:

Project Plan

When users capture moments live on project app and upload them, they are automatically transformed into NFT Tokens.


Powered by blockchain, Volterra is providing artists and music enthusiasts with a platform where they can upload their music which in turn will be showcased to the world.

When artists upload their music on project platform, it automatically becomes an NFT mint. Artistes and music enthusiasts will also have the chance to be rewarded, by receiving payment per stream, in Volterra tokens. Being a Blockchain Music Streaming Platform, it is adequately secured so artistes don’t need to worry about their work getting stolen.

  • ART

Artists also have the opportunity to showcase their works of art on the NFT marketplace and earn rewards via Volterra token.

The project platform also ensures absolute security on every piece of art. On the project platform, artists can have sole ownership of their intellectual property.

Artists can rest assured that their works of art will not be duplicated on project platform. Project NFT platform will automatically detect and duplicate work of art and flag it as stolen property.

  1. Business and Finance

Volterra takes into consideration small and medium-scale businesses. Volterra understands that it can be difficult for small and medium-scale businesses to make investment decisions, which is why project platform- Voltpay– offers guidance to business owners and startup businesses.

Furthermore, with VoltpayTM Wallet- Project e-payment platform- businesses will have the opportunity to send and receive payments via project Volterra token.

The VoltpayTM Wallet is different from a crypto wallet because, with the VoltpayTM Wallet, businesses can withdraw the Volterra token to their local currency.

The VoltpayTM Wallet will also support payment platforms like Paypal, Payoneer, and Skrill, through which businesses can withdraw their Volterra token into their local bank accounts.

  1. Education

The project goal for education is to create an e-learning forum for anyone interested in taking new courses. Although built on blockchain, Project platform will be user-friendly like other e-learning platforms such as Udemy and Coursera.

Furthermore, individuals can pay for courses using the Volterra token, simplifying the process of firstly withdrawing tokens to a local account.

  1. Health

Volterra aims to build platforms that can be beneficial to the health sector. Volterra recognizes the importance of medicine and the value of medical practitioners in society, hence, Volterra has a goal of building applications and APIs that can be used in the health sector for Recordkeeping and Tracking of diseases within an area.

  1. Agriculture

Volterra is creating a peer-to-peer e-commerce platform for agro farmers where they can directly purchase farm products from companies with project platform as the intermediary. This way, farmers do not need to purchase farm products from retailers but will be able to take a more direct route by making direct purchases.

Furthermore, farmers can also make direct payments on project platform using cryptocurrencies like Volterra token.

  1. Tech Cohorts

Volterra’s Tech Cohorts platform will be a community where tech geniuses and enthusiasts are brought together to solve problems. Volterra will have a Question and Answer platform like Quora where individuals can come together, ask questions, and get answers for others who are experts in the field.

Volterra will also have an Akathon Section. They will be given problems to solve, and tasks to complete.

A Project Blog for the latest tech updates will also be established. People can get the latest tech updates and keep themselves informed and up to date about the world of tech.

  1. Startup Accelerator

This is a platform to encourage tech startups. Volterra train start-ups, fund their platforms and link them up with a market for their target audience.

This platform is a launchpad for startups in the world of tech, both inside and outside of crypto. When a startup registers with Project Startup Accelerator platform, they get the chance to be groomed in the world of tech. They will also be exposed to funding opportunities and then their startup will be exposed to the market to get them on their feet.

  1. Verification System

Due to the increase in crypto scam startups, Volterra is creating an auditing system for all crypto platforms to curb this.

Adaptation to new technologies like blockchain is occurring at a rapid pace within organizations. Hence, Volterra has assembled a team of top-notch software developers, and blockchain experts to work on developing an auditing solution to decrease scam startups.

Volterra will be implementing KYC by collecting personal and traceable data from crypto startup founders to increase security for crypto startups.

Why Volterra?

However, unlike other crypto start-ups that can be invested in, wait for an increase in value, and then sell off again to make a profit, Volterra offers individuals a wide range of uses.

From VoltpayTM Wallet platform where businesses will have the opportunity to send and receive payments with Volterra token, to project platform for artists and music enthusiasts.

Volterra offers a plethora of opportunities in the education, business, health and agricultural sectors. Volterra is also bringing solutions to problems in the tech industry with project Tech Cohorts and Volterra are also bringing an end to scam start-ups with Volterra Verification system.

Media Contact:
Name: Volterra
Website: https://volterra.nebulatech.co/
Email: support@volterra.nebulatech.co
State and Country: Ondo, Nigeria

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