Saint Helier, Jersey–(Vehement Media. – March 14, 2022) – Vow brings to market a tokenomic ecosystem which marries the crypto space with real-world commerce like no other offering to date. Due to strong backing from early-stage supporters, Vow’s stage 1 token sale sold out quickly, surpassing its $1.0m soft cap target. Being oversubscribed by 400% this multi-million-dollar initial raise has enabled the team to execute on the first part of their unique vision.

                             Vow Currency

Contrary to most crypto projects, and although it has gathered a strong community of followers already, the Vow team has chosen to keep a relatively low profile while completing the development of their product portfolios. The reason for this strategy was elaborated on by VOW’s Head of Operations, Paul Teleky.

“Vow is executing an incredibly ambitious goal which involves partners in, as well as outside of, the crypto industry. Given the all-encompassing nature of our vision, which penetrates eleven countries, thousands of merchants, millions of consumers and 27 financial services partnerships, estimating timelines was a near-impossible task. As an alternative, although not a popular approach, we decided to walk-the-walk first and then talk-the-talk afterwards.”

Indeed, the company has an almost unbelievable series of announcements lined up in the coming weeks, including news of acquisitions and partnerships across multiple key markets that will make apparent the status of the project.

“Whilst many smarter minds than ours are concentrating on the blockchain stack, we are concentrating on the utility stack, and are open to partnership enquires from every conceivable vector,” Bish Smeir, Vow’s CEO, added.

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