“Becomes The Robinhood of Asia”

Hongkong, China–(Vehement Media. – January 17, 2022) –  WBrocker in a recent announcement, said that their latest products and services are more effective providing commission-free trading. WBrocker Robinhood is a household name to many retail investors. The Robinhood App went live in 2013 as the first commission-free trading app. It became a huge success across America with its neat interface and attractive fee proposition, leading all the way to its IPO in 2021. According to public filing, there are more than 18 million active users on the platform. During the same period, WBroker emerged from the other side of the world, as the “Robinhood of Asia”. WBroker is a true disruptor with strong technical features and user-friendly platform. It has been highly recognized by global users for its unique proposition and state-of-the-art platform since 2017.


The reason why WBroker is called the “Robinhood of Asia” is that they have many things in common, for instance, both are highly committed to democratizing investing. Clients can enjoy commission-free trading services on both platforms. Moreover, both believe in less-is-more design philosophy and offer neat and well-organized interfaces for the ultimate convenience and smooth experience of end users.

WBroker aims to bring the high commission costs back to its clients. WBroker is always firmly standing by the side of its clients, providing safe, simple and reliable services globally. WBroker team understands that the world of investing is complicated and often brutal, and we believe that many failures could be avoided and young investors deserve to understand and benefit from investing. WBroker stands by the clients and does not promote or encourage excessive trading, but to provide clients a platform of transparency, education, and support.

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