London, United Kingdom–(Vehement Media – March 30, 2022) – XSwap Protocol DEX is set to announce new features and services before the mainnet launch on March 31st.

XSP and how to use XSwap Protocol

XSP is XSwap Protocol’s native token, which is utilized across the blockchain for payments, farming, voting, and staking. All of these are necessary components of any DeFi project or protocol. XSP can also be purchased, sold, or traded on a number of cryptocurrency exchanges, including Bitrue, Hotbit, and LBank.

Image 1: XSwap Protocol Mainnet Launch

By following a certain set of easy-to-understand guidelines, users can easily get everything set up to utilize XSwap Protocol and its various services and features. Alternatively, users can also refer to the guide if need be, particularly if they’ve been doing well but have gotten off track. Firstly, users can make an XDC web wallet, an XDCPay wallet, and finally an XDC android wallet. After this, users need to simply link their wallet to XSwap Protocol. Other wallet options such as Metamask, Guarda, D’Cent and Trust Wallet are also available.

Once the wallet has been set up and connected to XSwap Protocol, users can feel free to check out the other how-to guides which cover how to swap and how to vote. Additional documentation is also available detailing different XSwap Protocol services and features, including some more advanced guides. There is also the XSwap Protocol telegram group that is always active so users can ask their questions there if required.

Moreover, users will soon be able to bridge their tokens from the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain. This bridge will assist in merging the token of the user’s choice from the Ethereum blockchain to the XDC Network chain in a few simple steps. After this, the users can then add their token in XSwap Protocol. As such, users can even create their very own XRC20 token for their new project and then list it on the DEX for their community in just a few easy to understand steps.

What else is there to know?

XSwap Protocol is audited by Certik so as to ensure continued quality and transparency to the DEX’s users. There are also different liquidity pools that can be found with XSwap, thereby further improving its utility and diverse range of services being offered. In terms of past achievements, the team launched the testnet and also staking capabilities within the last 12 months and managed to secure listings on the aforementioned exchanges. Regarding future goals, the XSwap Protcol team will focus on securing a $1 billion TVL (total value locked), in addition to launching the farming pools and getting listed on more big exchanges.

About XSwap

XSwap Protocol is a decentralized exchange (DEX) developed on the XDC Network. It enables all consumers to swap and earn inside pools. Moreover, the open source code of the XSwap Protocol enables developers to uncover faults and share their knowledge and progress. In addition, the XSwap Protocol DEX is an automated market maker (AMM) forked from Uniswap V2 in the XDC Network, with the mainnet launching on March 31st, 2022.

For more information and regular updates, check out the official website and Twitter, Medium, and GitHub channels.

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