Nicosia, Cyprus–(Vehement Media. – January 30, 2022) – The long wait is finally over, as ADAX DEX v1.0 is live on the mainnet. This decentralized exchange will continue to lead by example, make meaningful contributions to the Cardano ecosystem, and deliver on long-held promises.


ADAX DEX V1.0 is governed by a philosophy of decentralization while using the order-book model to guarantee completely non-custodial and censorship-resistant trading. ADAX users can begin their journey of effortlessly executing smart contract-based trades instantly and at a fraction of the cost of doing so on the Ethereum blockchain.

Six months of painstaking world and delays beyond the team’s culminate in the primary product launch of ADAX DEX V1.0. It is an intricate price of infrastructure that will prove critical to the long-term prosperity of the Cardano ecosystem and those who rely on it.

Under the ADAX DEX v1.0 banner, users can leverage several tools and features the Cardano community has been waiting on, including:

  • An order-book model with on-chain swap execution and concentrated liquidity orders
  • Every order is split into smaller UTXOs to avoid network congestion
  • Plutus smart contracts to ensure full decentralization
  • An intuitive and frictionless user experience
  • Widespread wallet integration: Nami Wallet is fully compatible at launch, with GeroWallet and CCVault support arriving in the next few days.
  • Revolutionary trading tools providing insights into market sentiment through the Stockgeist.AI partnership.

ADAX DEX will continue to push the boundaries of bringing trustless decentralized exchanging to the Cardano ecosystem. Partnerships with Netvrk and BlackDragon will play a significant role in these proceedings, alongside relationships with multi-functional Cardano wallet GeroWallet, DeFi protocol VyFinance, blockchain telecommunications infrastructure provider World Mobile, and decentralized oracle Charli3.

ADAX DEX noted an oversubscribed private sale and an overwhelmingly successful IEO on ExMarkets in 2021. Furthermore, Roger Ver and Mate Tokay, among other important crypto stakeholders, have provided backing for the project.

About ADAX

ADAX is an automated liquidity protocol that facilitates non-custodial and censorship-resistant trades within the Cardano ecosystem. ADAX seeks to obviate the need for centralized middlemen, facilitating token swaps, providing ample asset liquidity, and broader reorientation of the DeFi world towards Cardano. ADAX users will be able to effortlessly execute smart contract-based trades instantly and only at a fraction of the cost of the Ethereum network.

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