New York, New York–(Vehement Media. – January 29, 2022) – Zeustra, LLC announced today its release of a proprietary data and artificial intelligence (AI) platform designed to futurize the commercial real estate (CRE) marketplace. As a leading CRE advisor with over $10 billion in transactional volume, they see a rare opportunity to digitally transform an industry plagued by legacy data models and inefficient processes unique to the CRE independent contractor broker model.

“The entire industry is built on an independent contractor model that financially disincentivizes the sharing of information. Further, processes and data are siloed and disconnected, impairing the industry’s ability to adopt the latest innovation driven by next generation data warehousing and AI,” said Erik Gainor, Zeustra’s founder and CEO.

A little more than seven years ago, Zeustra was in search of a data solution for the medical real estate marketplace and crossed paths with a proptech startup Revista, which has now become the healthcare industry’s leading source of real estate data and marketplace intelligence.

Fast forward to today and Revista has continued to grow in size and scope and Zeustra has evolved into a big data player that has set its sights on offering a single source of truth for the broader CRE marketplace.

“We quickly realized that the entire CRE industry had become over reliant on SaaS platforms to manage their data and analytics. Although these platforms offered some short-term advantages, they also had extreme limitations when it came to building tailored, on-demand solutions for our clients. In an economy fueled by digital transformation and continuous innovation, we view SaaS model dependency as a major weakness.”

Zeustra has now gone on to partner with several of the world’s largest data providers, including new proptech startup Cherre, so that it can offer its own predictive analytics across every major asset class from a unified platform.

“From top to bottom, the entire organization is committed to earning our most distinguished title “Citizen Data Scientist”. We live and breathe continuous innovation.”

Their next goal is to virtualize the CRE marketplace and predict events further out into the future. It’s a new frontier that looks more like Star Trek and less like Wall Street.

Media Contact:
John Wenger

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