Steyl, Netherlands–(Vehement Media – November 15, 2021) – Aimedis is proud to be the first decentralized and driven healthcare platform to launch the world’s foremost medical and scientific B2B marketplace. To expand the multi-billion dollar market of big data in medicine and science, the Company integrates and standardizes the healthcare and scientific data monetization process.


Using blockchain technology, the platform deploys a suite of B2C and B2B products and services that benefit both patients and healthcare professionals. Released in 2020, Aimedis is a heathcare blockchain data based platform that offers various affordable and effective healthcare services, including teleconsultation, appointment management, prescriptions, medical records, connection to tracking devices, and much more.

About Aimedis

Aimedis is a blockchain-based platform that provides healthcare provider and patients with services at reasonable and efficient prices, as well as teleconsultation, administration of appointments, obtaining prescriptions, medical information, connection to monitoring units, and much more. The Aimedis ecosystem consists of a patient-centered platform, a professional platform, AIMSocial, metaverse environments (2022) and user-generated content. The Aimedis platform supports leading B2C products and services such as digital therapy and healthcare services.

At the same time, it provides B2B services, such as the NFT science and medical data market, insurance plan centers, and online pharmacies. With Aimedis a platform was created where doctors, patients, research institutions, and insurance companies can exchange data and get the same amount of benefits from them. The implementation of standardized processes will allow professional users to provide anonymous health data on the blockchain. Institutions, researchers, and related companies can then pay to access the data for online testing.

In practice, patients from anywhere in the world can voluntarily share their data through accredited healthcare providers, in form of non-fungible tokens or NFTs. Only healthcare professionals can upload these NFTs from patients who participate while remaining anonymous.

While the data is available as an NFT to individual network members through its marketplace, AIMX serves as one of the platform’s payment instruments. Users can earn AIMx on the platform by placing their tokens, creating content, or selling NFTs of medical data. Patients will receive Aimedis tokens (AIMX) in exchange for their anonymous data. They will also be able to take advantage of discounts on other services provided by the e-health platform or simply pay with their anonymized data.

Aimedis In the Future

Shortly, Aimedis will launch AIMSocial, an interactive patient platform protected and supported by blockchain to help patients support each other to the next level including the metaverse and the world’s first hospital inside the metaverse. Aimedis is a platform for patients, healthcare professionals, and institutions, supported by AIMX tokens and the world’s first medical and scientific NFT marketplace.

Aimedis is an innovative healthcare and healthcare data solution platform that aims to digitize the global healthcare industry through technologies such as blockchain, smart contracts, and artificial intelligence (AI). As a blockchain-based healthcare data platform, Aimedis aims to change the way patients, doctors, and hospitals communicate, exchange, and process information.

Aimedis Headquater

Headquartered in the UAE and with offices in the Netherlands and the Philippines, Aimedis offers a wide range of innovative e-health applications, including sophisticated professional healthcare tools such as Aimedis Virtual Hospital and Rehab and is a first mover in the field of medical NFTs and the medical metaverse.

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