Majuro, Marshall Island–(Vehement Media – November 15, 2021) – Seeded Network is a Solana blockchain-based borrowing and lending protocol that combines traditional DeFi products with an incubator for new blockchain projects.

Seeded Network

The Seeded Network team is focused on developing a network of DeFi products, each serving a different purpose, to enable synchronized use of the network and add utility to the platform’s $SEEDED native token.

The platform’s flagship product will be a first-of-its-kind Solana-based product for providing LP collateral that will allow users to use LP tokens as collateral and borrow other assets while providing utility to other parts of the network.

Seeded Network CEO, Ahmed Hamed Aly, stated:

“We are building more than a project; we’re building a Network of DeFi and cryptocurrency products designed to be your one-stop shop. We have plans beyond being on one chain and expanding beyond what any project has achieved so far.”

Creative Director, Hugo Nicaise, opined:

“The artistic and visual side of cryptocurrency projects is still under-exploited, yet visual communication is necessary for the growth of a project. The intersection between cryptocurrencies and high-end design is yet to be explored. Seeded is for me the perfect challenge to take my creativity out of its comfort zone, to create a bridge between a technologically complex environment and modern artistic approaches.”

The Seeded Network protocol has already marked itself with partnerships with such projects as Chainlink, Waggle, Certik, and many other projects to come.

The investment rounds have raised over $1.25M from 1.25M investors: Solar Eco Fund, x21, Athena Ventures, HG Ventures, Kangaroo Capital, ZBS Capital, Rainbow Three, GoldenShovel, Sunshine Dragon, Top 7 ICO, Bitcoin Addict, Dust Ventures, Mandy ICO Research.

Seeded Network is also planning to launch its own charity, Seeded, which will donate funds to projects chosen by the community.

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