Kiel, Germany–(Vehement Media – March 23, 2022) – Ariva’s team is delighted to announce that the ARV token has now been successfully listed on the highly popular Huobi exchange.

The World Tourism Forum Institute’s (WTFI) centrepiece, the Global Tourism Forum, or GTF, is a worldwide collaborative platform focused on tackling the tourism industry’s difficulties. WTFI wants to be at the forefront of this change by giving new alternatives to an emerging generation of travellers, Gen Z and Gen Alpha, with a different kind of method to purchase travel-related opportunities with the blockchain revolution through this event.


As such, the partnership between Ariva, WTFI, and GTF is now firmly solidified. The collaboration’s primary focus will be on tourism as well as blockchain integration. Nowadays, both the blockchain and tourism sectors are enormously popular, and the potential for both of these industries working together might indeed be endless.

A historic event in Dubai

According to the teams participating, a crucial moment of this new relationship will be emphasised during an upcoming event in Dubai, UAE, which has the potential to launch some truly innovative advancements for both the blockchain and tourism industries.

The forthcoming ‘Global Tourism Forum Leaders Summit – Blockchain for Travel’ event is therefore the first facet of the new cooperation to take precedent. The event will take place on March 26th, 2022, at Rixos Premium JBR in Dubai. Many crypto and blockchain professionals and specialists, as well as world-renowned opinion leaders who will come as speakers and visitors, will reportedly take part.

The list of speakers includes but is not limited to Francois Hollande, Anita Mendiratta, Sumaira Isaacs, Taleb Rifai, Kaiser Naseem, Ritesh Mohan, Kishore Dharmarajan, Yigit Sezgin, Ismail Ertug, Jason Luo, Haitham Mattar, Angela Gerekou, Nithee Seeprae, Christian Gliech, Markose, Chenthitta, Max Rengeley, Hoda Barakat, Allen Wei, Shantnoo Saxena, and last but not least the Chief Communication Officer of Ariva who will also be present.

Needless to say, the significance of the event cannot be emphasised enough, as attendees claim it to be a watershed moment in the realm of effectively mixing blockchain and tourism. The event might thus be extremely crucial in determining the route both the blockchain and tourism industries will go in the future and should thus not be missed.

Listing on Huobi

In other news, Ariva’s team is delighted to announce that the ARV token has now been successfully listed on the highly popular Huobi exchange. The ARV deposits opened on March 21st at 14:40 UTC and withdrawals are still currently open until March 23rd at 12:00 UTC. Also, the ARV spot trading (ARV/USDT) functionality will open once the deposit volume meets the demand of market trading. This shall be officially announced ahead of time. More activities are expected as well in the near future.

The roadmap

As per Ariva’s roadmap, the ARV project includes a long-term, permanent infrastructure that is envisioned to be blended into the actual environment. Ariva’s team is overjoyed that they followed the roadmap to the letter and accomplished the tasks ahead of schedule. Of course, there is always more to accomplish and construct.

With that being said, the goals for 2022’s first quarter included the aforementioned Blockchain For Travel Forum Event in Dubai, as well as an update to Ariva.Digital’s current version, Ariva.World’s release candidate, launching Ariva.World on iOS and Android compatible devices and apps, launching Ariva.Finance’s payment gateway, launching Ariva.Game’s metaverse website, various B2B business developments, and so much more to come as the year progresses like growing global marketing and influencer marketing campaigns in addition to switching ARV to its mainnet network.

About Ariva

Ariva is a project which has the overall objective of being actively employed in the global and local travel and tourism sectors. It provides a worldwide travel and tourism network through which users may connect with all relevant service providers via previous trip experiences, feedback, and crypto bookings. Its token, ARV, is a BEP-20 token produced with the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network.

The project seeks to achieve active usage in the tourist and travel business, which is one of the world’s biggest and most significant industries. Ariva’s goal is to hence be the game-changer in the cryptocurrency industry by not only producing reliable and effective cryptocurrency transactions on exchanges but also ensuring that ARV is actively used within the tourism sector.

For more information, check out the official website and Twitter, Facebook and Telegram channels.

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