Belize City, Belize–(Vehement Media – March 23, 2022) – BattleVerse, a multichain play to earn metaverse launched its staking services with Unifarm Cohort 36. BattleVerse is a user-driven platform that pays users for their time and fun. This platform incorporates the best-decentralized technologies utilized in DeFi and NFTs, such as blockchain and artificial intelligence (AI), into a totally unique and eternal PLAY TO EARN ECOSYSTEM by employing novel tokenomics, financial, and gameplay strategies.


The cohort staking would allow users to receive tokens not only from BattleVerse projects but also from some three others. This model will also help expand the community by getting the tokens from supporters of partner projects. The agreements with partner projects are being finalized and will be announced soon. The details of the staking services include:

  • Cohort chain: BSC
  • Cohort duration: 180 days
  • Cohort will be a locked cohort: users can only unstake after 180 days.

It’s simple. The user stakes one token and farms all the others available in the pool. If a user’s stake is $BVC.

  • The first WEEK, users farm $BVC
  • The second WEEK, users farm $BVC, and $4PLAY
  • The third WEEK, users farm $UFARM, $4PLAY, and $BVC
  • The fourth WEEK, users farm $UFARM, $4PLAY, $BVC, and $MILK2

UniFarm has multiple IDO’s lined up this month and the eligibility criteria for the IDO’s will be staking any one of the tokens in Cohort 36.

Battleverse: A gaming metaverse for Web3

The BattleVerse story began in the second quarter of 2021, when a group of enthusiastic people had the idea to create a unique, fun, and interesting world populated by many races trading and fighting with one another, competing in exciting tournaments, and singing songs over a campfire (they say that this is the tradition that still preserves Baby Combats Bots, although humanity itself died out centuries ago). And by the middle of last year, the core concept and initial notions of the first race, which debuted in BattleVerse, had already been defined. Baby Combat Bots were born in this way.

The core concept was growing more detailed, and the universe in the authors’ ideas was expanding, which logically led to a team expansion. Simultaneously, the first community of BattleVerse fans began to form, believing in and adoring the universe. By that time, the Discord group had grown to over 60 000 members.

The epic adventures in the BattleVerse begin as soon as one acquires their first playable character. To do this, one needs to go to the corresponding site of the BattleVerse, connect a crypto wallet and have time to purchase the first hero during the drop of a new generation of playable characters. At the moment, users can mint 1st Gen NFT of Battle Shrooms directly on the official website of the project.

In addition, the project’s NFTs are traded on Opensea’s secondary market.

The first-generation Baby Combat Bots and Battle Shrooms are already available for purchase on OpenSea.

BattleVerse is a completely decentralized system that represents a new concept and technology in gaming. It was built from the ground up to ensure the BattleVerse game and governance long-term viability and to provide players with a high-quality blockchain gaming experience. Stakeholders earn frequent payments in the game, which makes BattleVerse stand apart. Users can stake $BVC as a mark of conviction and support in the platform and governance model after the game world is launched, and they will get access to governance and distributions from in-game fees.

The project’s main goal is to create a decentralized game that can run on its own. The creators of the project believe that a decentralized gaming world and economy provides the best fusion between crypto/blockchain/DAO enthusiasts and gamers seeking open access without corporate interference, and BattleVerse recognises that the real world and the decentralized world have some differences, so BattleVerse is developing tools to bring them together in an optimized and very unique way.

At this point, one of the most crucial realizations for BattleVerse was that the story isn’t simply about one race or combat. The BattleVerse universe will be filled with a vast range of races who can mix and match in the most fascinating and unique ways, resulting in the most incredible combinations of combat abilities and peaceful professions. A few days ago, the project already partnered with the Cyborg86 NFT project and will be working on integrating these characters into its Metaverse.

In the BattleVerse, players will have private land ownership, the capacity to build and maintain various structures, the ability to form communities, and the ability to communicate with one another at all levels.

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