New Delhi, India–(Vehement Media. – December 13, 2021) – With the launch of the NFT marketplace, the BitXmi cryptocurrency exchange is making significant strides towards global adoption of NFTs. The BitXmi team aims to educate the cryptocurrency community and introduce more people to the world of cryptocurrency and NFTs. The aim is to help more people achieve financial freedom by providing access to a stable, reliable investment vehicle.

The BitXmi exchange will allow non-technical investors to trade in the cryptocurrencies and NFTs with minimal risk. As a result, the platform will be friendly to both beginners and advanced users. Furthermore, it will feature a low fee structure and high withdrawal limits. The NFT marketplace will be a great addition to the BitXmi crypto exchange. 

The BitXmi crypto exchange aims to make the crypto industry more accessible and attractive for both retail and professional investors. In particular, it has seen great success in marketing and token sale, which has led to a significant expansion in the company.

The BitXmi crypto exchange will launch its NFT marketplace in Q3 2021. The exchange has set ambitious goals for the NFT token. BXMI token is now listed on coinmarketcap and available for trade on cointiger and coinsbit exchange.

As a crypto-based exchange, BitXmi aims to build a market for NFTs that is accessible to non-technical users. Its security features and funds insurance are highly appreciated. This cryptocurrency exchange has the potential to provide a wider range of investment opportunities to its customers.

To achieve its vision of creating a world where users can easily trade in cryptocurrencies, BitXmi has created a user friendly trading dashboard. The platform has supported over 140 cryptocurrencies in its crypto exchange and recently updated its roadmap with several goals. BXMI token is the utility token and is the most preferred token on several platforms.

While BXMI has launched an NFT marketplace, it is still working on an upgraded NFT trading platform. This type of crypto exchange will offer users the ability to trade creatives, as well as buy gold and diamonds. It will also offer low transaction fees while allowing 0% crypto-to-USD conversions.

The NFT marketplace is a revolutionary concept for cryptocurrency traders. While it’s relatively new to most Indians, the BitXmi exchange has launched an NFT marketplace. The NFT market is a digital asset exchange that enables users to buy, sell and stake physical collectibles in digital form. Its primary focus is to make it easy for both novice and experienced crypto investors to own precious physical or digital items in crypto form.

The NFT market is an emerging trend, in the world of cryptocurrency. The NFT market is a unique form of currency that allows for the trading of different types of collectibles. The Bitcoin has been in existence for a while, but the NFT market has just been born.

Singapore based cryptocurrency exchange BitXmi has launched an NFT marketplace by the name BxmiNFT for the exchange of digital assets like art, gold and diamonds. The launch comes after the price surge in BXMI, which is BitXmi’s own utility token.

Indian crypto exchange BitXmi plans to attract current users and institutional investors with its real asset based NFTs and utility token BXMI. The exchange also offers OTC desk services for the exchange of cryptocurrencies securely. BXMI token is also introduced in Coinpayments, which allow merchants to accept BXMI tokens through payment gateway. Soon BXMI token will be available in POS machines and will be accepted offline by merchants across the world.

The launch comes when BitXmi’s in-house exchange token, BXMI, gainedalmost 7000% in value. The exchange itself was subject to the same trajectory during the past one year, as visitors to its website increased drastically, according to public information available through marketing and browser tools.

BitXmi founder Sanjay Jain celebrated the launch which he claimed was the first of its kind in India. In an interview with Neha Soni from Corum8 he said, “We are delighted to launch one of India’s first NFT marketplace. Since our inception, we have been at the forefront of innovative experience and empowered our customers with value-added offerings.”

Creating and listing NFTs will reportedly be free on the platform, and work is apparently underway to negate the gas fees that occurs while minting NFTs. Now people will be able to access real world precious assets like gold and diamonds via cryptocurrencies.

“As of now, we are working around certain fallbacks to make NFTs more lucrative for our users,” added Jain.

NFTs were first seen in 2017 as non-serious collectible tokens which were named CryptoKitties. Their fanfare and utility remained silent in the following years until they exploded in popularity again in the end of year 2020, when prominent artists, celebrities and sports stars began maximizing their potential as marketing tools. In just a few short months, major corporate brands have begun exploring the use of NFTsin their industry, and over half a billiondollars’ worth of NFTs are already in market.

“We have introduced staking to involve crypto enthusiasts into crypto and grow the ecosystem. We are striving to provide the guaranteed returns of 12-18% per year through staking,” Jan said, adding:

“Moreover, the low bank interest rates has sparked demand for alternative ways to earn passive income on holdings. Staking works just like SIP which allows you to earn high periodic interest without any counter-party risk.”

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