Panama City, Panama–(Vehement Media. – December 12, 2021) –  A literal gamechanger – Play-to-earn games have been a breakthrough in the Gamefi world. However, pure Play to earn mode often leads to weak playability and a barrier to entry in the game for players with little money. Realizing the current pain point of the industry, The Wasted Lands, has come up with the idea to balance both Free-to-Play and Play-to-Earn models to help players gain good profit in the long term as well as have fun while playing the game.

                            Wasted Lands

Defining itself as a Puzzle-RPG-Strategy game with the post-apocalyptic world concept, players joining the game can create their unique Warriors NFT, choose one of the three factions: Hybrids, Survivors, Ex-company, and enjoy a vast metaverse world with many exciting functions like vehicles & shelter systems, fuse & give birth to new NFTs, match-3 gameplay, pets, lands & various equipment upgrade.

To create a more appealing experience playing the games, The Wasted Lands has chosen the most trendy gaming genres called Match-3-board and spent their efforts to develop advanced in-game functions such as Breeding and Fusion. One of the key highlights of the game is that strategy plays a critical role to decide whether or not you win the game. Players have to combine gem systems, warrior squads, warrior skills and match-3 tile puzzles in different ways to combat. This nature of the game will enable skillful users to have equal opportunities to win pay-to-win players or players owning NFT with higher levels. Another aspect making The Wasted Lands more attractive is its Breeding and Fusion mechanism. By using two warrior NFTs to combine and create new warriors with rarer parts or totally new genes, those functions will bring an unexpected gaming experience for players. In the Wasted Lands, characters with the same sexuality can breed and give birth to an offspring.

Warrior NFT package

As its name suggests, each package contains an in-game warrior NFT. These NFTs are brand new and will make their public debut in the Wasted Lands game. The warrior NFTs play a crucial role in the gameplay and progression of the Play-To-Earn mechanics of The Wasted Lands. Players can take advantage of the warrior to earn profit by trading, waging against each other in PvP mode or staking NFT to earn fixed ARP. Unlocking the package in this event is the earliest method for players to acquire warrior NFTs with a high ratio for mystic and epic parts as well as open the door to access the world of The Wasted Lands.

The Wasted Lands will be holding the Warrior NFT package event on 5 platforms from 12th December. Four types of package will be presented this time, namely Plastic package, Steel package, Silver package, Gold package. There will be 9000 packages sold with detailed distribution as below:

  • Wasted Lands website: 2000 packages for who eligible via whitelist campaign on its official Twitter
  • Infinite Launch: 2500 packages (Read more here)
  • Metaverse Starter: 1500 packages (Read more here)
  • Game-fi Launchpad: 1500 packages (Read more here)
  • Oxbull: 1500 packages (Read more here)
                  Warriors Sale Timeline

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