Singapore, Singapore–(Vehement Media – November 11, 2021) – On November 10th, BKEX announced the establishment of Meta Tribute, which includes plans to invest USD 30 million to deploy GameFi and Metaverse operations. On the one hand, the Meta Tribute is committed to developing and nurturing outstanding talents for the blockchain industry to help the development and application of blockchain technology; on the other hand, it will cooperate with high-quality traditional enterprise groups to jointly apply blockchain technology to all aspects of life to benefit more people. This will also result in an acceleration of the Metaverse’s maturation process.

BKEX has far-reaching and considered plans regarding the layout of the Metaverse and believes that the continuous updating and iteration of the underlying technology of the blockchain will help speed the development and implementation of the Metaverse. In the face of such an extraordinary investment opportunity, BKEX is committed to spearhead the trend and vigorously expand the overseas blockchain market, comprehensively improve users’ actual experiences, complete the real user service system, effectively ensure asset security, deeply cultivate the field of the Metaverse, excavate high-quality assets through all channels, and allow users to participate fully and, once the ecosystem matures, be rewarded with dividends.

The BKEX Team has called the Metaverse a milestone in the history of the blockchain industry, which means that blockchain technology and consensus are affecting and influencing huge social groups, both inside and outside the blockchain field. People are not only accepting the achievements and opportunities being delivered by the blockchain revolution, but are also actively exploring and embracing compliance, and innovatively promoting the healthy and long-term development of the Metaverse across all industry sectors.

The impact of the Metaverse is clearly multi-pronged, and the market’s view of its “polarizing” effects may perhaps be understood by the newness of the Metaverse concept and everything it currently, and will eventually, encompass. Current adopters must accept these initial doubts and teething problems as the concept develops and gains acceptance, along with the wider blockchain industry.

The development of the Metaverse is a hugely testing task, which requires that all participants work together to explore appropriate development pathways. The BKEX Team is committed to the expansion of the Metaverse market and project empowerment over the long term, and is determined to work towards its comprehensive, multi-sectoral, and healthy development of Metaverse. It is also committed to deploying new Metaverse ecologies alongside leading industry colleagues to ensure that the blockchain industry integrates with other fields with the Metaverse as the propellant.

As people assess the layout of the NFT development track or predictions for the arrival of the Metaverse, BKEX is actively working to spread awareness about the importance of the relationship between digital assets and the encrypted world, and between the real world and virtual mirroring. Ultimately, the birth, development and ecological implementation of high-quality assets are based on the most forward-looking vision and the most strategic layout.

In the face of what is a rapidly changing market, BKEX will grasp all opportunities and meet all unknown challenges with “excellent technology + diverse products + efficient services.” The team is also committed to delving deeply into all emerging fields and seizing opportunities for continuous growth. BKEX will continue to update its already high-quality projects with asset liquidity value in the Metaverse sector and will keep exploring the advanced value of “Blockchain + Metaverse + GameFi” towards the goal of digital integration.

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