Noord Holland, The Netherlands–(Vehement Media – November 11, 2021) – Blue Horizon, announces the launch of the $BLH native token IDO on Poolz and LuaStarter platforms on November 22, 2021.

Blue Horizon

Blue Horizon developers have created a marketplace where users can buy and sell NFT artwork from exclusive artists. In addition, NFT farming and “play to earn” mechanics will be available soon.

The platform is powered by $BLH, a native token based on Binance Smart Chain. This token is used to stake for obtaining discounts on the platform, reward users, and will be used for governance of the Blue Horizon project in the future.

In addition, $BLH holders receive income from commissions on the platform and can put their tokens in staking on their native DEX to generate passive income.

The Blue Horizon team closed a seed funding round in September, raising $105,000, selling 3.5 million $BLH tokens at $0.03. The presale was closed in October, raising $620,000 by selling 15.5 million tokens at $0.04.

Public sales of the $BLH token will take place on November 22 on the Poolz and LuaStarter IDO platforms.

To participate, users must purchase and place $POOLZ or $LUA tokens in the stake. The more of these tokens in the stake, the higher the participant’s allocation level in IDO Blue Horizon. This must be done at least three days prior to the start of IDO (November 22).

General Information:

Total supply: $100,000,000BLH
Sale at IDO: $3,000,000BLH
Type of IDO: lottery
Token distribution: 25% TGE and then 25% each next month
Selling price on IDO: $0.06

More details about this event can be found on the official resources of the project:


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Name: Blue Horizon NFT

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