Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan–(Vehement Media – March 28, 2022) – On 8th March 2022, TechAbout CEO Jazib Zaman won the Presidential IT Award from the President of Pakistan, Dr. Arif Alvi. TechAbout is working to bring the sophisticated and most needed technology in the Pakistan IT sector. During the ceremony at the President House Islamabad, Federal Minister Syed Fakhar Imam also accompanied President Arif Alvi.

Jazib Zaman

TechAbout won the trophy for the best performance in the IT sector of Pakistan. Because of the continuous and devotional efforts of the TechAbout team and the versatile vision of CEO TechAbout Jazib Zaman, TechAbout ranked top 3 in the IT sector of Pakistan.

To appreciate and honor the efforts of CEO TechAbout Jazib Zaman, there were many notable personalities such as Ahtisham-ud-din Khan (Adv. High Court), Nouman S. Ghumman (Adv High Court), Ch. Shahnawaz Sura, and Shoaib Sheikh.


Technology is prevailing over every sector of life whether it be the medical institutes or the financial institutes. The rampant and constant intrusion of technology in every part of life is making it essential for the Pakistan IT industry to upgrade and follow the latest, most sophisticated technological practices.

Technological transformation at a global level demands the urgent attention of all the tech-savvy institutes of Pakistan. The world is living at the juncture of the digital revolution. Pakistan needs qualified, adept, and passionate geeks to compete with the developing nations.

TechAbout is a place where digital nerds, tech-savvy professionals, and highly motivated individuals work together to bring a change in the Pakistan IT industry. Professionals at TechAbout provide different services to national and international clients, such as website development, content marketing, social media marketing, graphic designing, and website designing.

Despite the slow progress in the IT industry, Pakistan still has covered major milestones. TechAbout is educating the IT industry of Pakistan about the prospects of technology and helping the industry to go through the digital transformation. It has developed its ERP system, CRM, hospital management system, accounting software, International Tech Magazines with the help of its programmers, engineers, architects, designers, and content creators.

Professionals and computer geeks at TechAbout understand the problems of clients and propose the most ideal solutions. TechAbout works to enhance the digital potential of human beings, so the nerds at TechAbout enhance the outcomes of every project through sustained work. At TechAbout the mutual research, brainstorming, and collaboration of professionals result in outstanding outcomes. Digitizing human potential through a decisive strategy is the sole purpose of TechAbout.

Presidential IT Award 2022

In response to the continuous efforts of TechAbout, President Arif Alvi awarded TechAbout in 2020 with the Presidential Export Trophy and in 2021 with the Software Company Award. TechAbout CEO Jazib Zaman honored the praise from President Arif Alvi and expressed his vision in the following words, “We will take the Pakistan IT sector to the new heights of development till 2025. A developed and rigorous IT sector would have the potential to surpass 40 billion exports, which are roughly 3.5 billion at a time.” Congratulations to CEO TechAbout Jazib Zaman and his devotional team on achieving this major milestone.

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