Dubai, UAE–(Vehement Media – March 28, 2022) – ICOSpeaks, a telegram crypto community, is set to start advertising campaigns on its Crypto Telegram Channels. ICO Speaks News is a news provider and has been created for those who want to know what is going on in the cryptocurrency world. ICOSpeaks has hosted a lot of AMAs on Telegram with projects in the DeFi space. The ICOSpeaks community has over 1000+ private investors, 600k users on telegram, and around 1m users. ICOSpeaks is responsible for major DeFi/NFT space campaigns and has a proven track record.

ICOSpeaks aims to take it a step further by leveraging the fact that Telegram is a messaging app with a vast crypto audience. This means that upcoming DeFi projects can advertise products inside groups with many subscribers for proper reach.


Telegram is no longer just a messenger; it is now a social media platform for promoting products and services, including cryptocurrency start-ups. In the most recent update, the developers of this application officially permitted the use of Telegram as a tool for advertising. There will, however, be no banners, videos, or carousels. Instead, text and images will be visible to members of the specific channel. This application is designed for mobile device users.

There are currently large telegram communities, such as ICOSpeaks, that aim to target audiences of various cryptocurrency startups. Learn more about advertising at

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