Belgrade, Republic of Serbia–(Vehement Media – November 14, 2021) – The Ceres Token ecosystem, based on Polkadot’s future parachain, SORA, plans to launch $Ceres token staking on the Sora network in November 2021. In December, Ceres Token will complete the development of Liquidity Locker, SORA-based DApp designed to lock liquidity from Polkaswap, and will also conduct a snapshot for Demeter airdrop, the token of the new Demeter DeFi platform.

Ceres Token

Ceres Token is an ecosystem based on the SORA blockchain, the future Polkadot parachain, created to provide more transparency and security to the Polkaswap and SORA/Polkadot ecosystem.

Ceres Token added to official Polkadot ecosystem projects at

In November 2021, the Ceres Token team will launch $Ceres Token Staking, through which holders will be able to earn rewards in $Ceres Token. Rewards are planned from 33.33% minimum; the final figure will be determined by demand.

The staking program will last 3 months, there are 7,200 tokens allocated for the staking pool, staking will be based on the First Come First Served.

In December Ceres Token plans to launch a SORA-based DApp – Liquidity Locker, which will allow projects to lock liquidity from Polkaswap, thereby guaranteeing that project tokens cannot be extracted. This is one of the indicators of the reliability and security of the project for investors.

Also in December, the developers of Ceres Token will hold a snapshot for Demeter airdrop.

Demeter is a SORA-based DeFi project that is part of the Ceres Token ecosystem, offering users profitable farming.

All users who are liquidity providers in Demeter’s farm pools will continue to receive PSWAP (Polkaswap) rewards.

However, unlike ERC-20 and BSC networks, LP tokens will not be given to smart contracts; instead, a Demeter platform user simply grants permission to use their liquidity pool tokens for farming Demeter tokens.

In this way, the security of the user’s funds is much higher.

Airdrop will go to all those users who kept their Ceres tokens in the SORA network, regardless of the number of tokens, as well as liquidity providers in the XOR/CERES pair on Polkaswap. Airdrop will be at the rate of 5 Demeter tokens per 1 Ceres token. Demeter snapshot will take place in December-January 2021/2022, find out the exact date on Twitter or Telegram of the project.

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