Singapore, Singapore–(Vehement Media – November 14, 2021) – In November, HashLand is about to make a difference. According to incomplete statistics, over 60,000 HashLand NFTs have been booked by communities around the world. Such a startling number goes far beyond the initial offering of HashLand NFT. HashLand NFT was priced at 110 BUSD, but many users in the marketplace are willing to pay 30% higher. So, what differs HashLand NFT and makes it one of the most popular NFT projects?

Since September 2021, NFT has been the trending topic that everyone talks about. However, the huge financial bubble seems so daunting that few projects can sell over 10,000 NFTs of the same kind or series. The main reason is that NFT lacks value empowerment. NFTs in Gamefi shines in Play to Earn, but for users who know little about games and are not good at playing it, this doesn’t mean much. The simple and easy-to-understand “shovel” function is probably where the true value of NFT lies.

HashLand is a game platform with multiple assets. Its NFTs have both BTC hashrate and HC (the platform token of HashLand) hashrate. It adopts a card upgrade mechanism, the higher the NFT card level, the greater the hashrate. NFTs begin to contain HC hashrate at Level-2, and 4 Level-1 NFTs can synthesize 1 Level-2 NFTs, which means that most users will buy 4x NFTs and use them to synthesize Level-2 NFTs to obtain more hashrate and generate more income. Holding NFT cards is equivalent to holding the same amount of hashrate, which guarantees the value of NFTs. This mechanism not only eliminates most of the original financial bubbles, but also provides a value base for users’ asset prices. The first batch of HashLand NFTs has obtained the official authorization of “I am MT”. As a world-renowned IP, “I am MT” has a huge number of fans, which explains its high artistic value.

As a GameFi project, HashLand also attracts many players, and its NFTs are also part of the GameFi. In the first ARPG game-Hash Warfare, players can earn rewards through PVE, PVP, GVG and other modes. The higher the NFT level, the higher the combat effectiveness and game income. GameFi’s income will be three times that of NFT DeFi. In the future, other types of games such as sandbox and FPS will be launched in succession. HashLand is committed to becoming the most popular multi-asset game platform in the blockchain. It allows users to participate in the HashLand ecology and work together to promote its development.

The HashLand NFT is highly expected by the market. Its unique “hashrate + NFT” model and GameFi application are unprecedented. It is really hard to buy HashLand NFTs in the current marketplace. Many communities have started to bid up the price. On November 12, HashLand NFTs were officially listed on Binance NFT Marketplace. Binance NFT also retweeted this news. Although only 300 NFTs are listed this time, it has attracted many users in the market, who are interested in either the high return of GameFi , or the NFT+HASH model, or are loyal fans of “I am MT”. Some are buying HashLand NFTs as collectables, while others are hoping to bid up the price and earn some extra cash.

HashLand NFTs have both application value and economic value. The big IP “I am MT” also gives the NFTs collection value. HashLand has precisely targeted the market’s demand for NFTs, either as collectables for one’s hobby, or as financial products with high returns. No matter how much the prices of Hashland NFTs rise, it is expected and makes sense.

The NFT market is ushering in the second boom. As the DappRader reported: Games, DeFi, and NFT have become the three swordsmen of the blockchain ecology. The total market value of NFT has exceeded 162 million US dollars. In the past 30 days, the total NFT-related transaction volume has exceeded 78 million US dollars. With the funds and participants rushing in, and innovative applications springing up, there is no doubt that NFT is becoming the engine of the blockchain market.

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