Alberta, Canada–(Vehement Media. – January 30, 2022) – Coinracer, a cryptocurrency-based project on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) announced a new game, ChipRace, in the upcoming roadmap for Q1 of 2022. Coinracer’s devs from Estonia and Canada aim to change the landscape of the P2E space.


Coinracer: The Trendsetter

Coinracer features a blockchain-powered racing game with a low-poly design. There is a tournament mode that is typically run on a weekly basis, a live multiplayer game running real-time with users paired by region in the game mode’s lobby (PvP), and most recently announced the “click-to-earn” single player game mode (PvE).

In tournaments and PvP competitions users will have control of their race car. Probability or pre-calculated formulas have no bearing on the winner. Instead, the winners of this eSport-inspired game are judged by ability, perseverance, and experience.

Coinracer’s development team has found a sustainable economic structure for the “click-to-earn” game mode: ChipRace. For almost six months the developers at Coinracer have been preaching the problems in the P2E space. COO, Anthony Francis even went on to publish rough drafts for an educational marketing campaign in the Coinracer communities – outlining the major problems that continually take down projects, the solution that the Coinracer team has proven, and a real World analogy to make it more relatable for readers.

How Coinracer will revamp the P2E Ecosystem?

The main objective of Coinracer is to deliver a race-to-earn cryptocurrency gaming format to millions of people. The company’s goal is to build a huge metaverse for racing crypto and racing fans.

Coinracer’s key strength is its team which is made up entirely of highly qualified game, blockchain, and marketing professionals. The founding team of Coinracer is based in Estonia, with individuals working in the United States, Asia, and Canada. Coinracer is making its presence known by completely overhauling and rewriting the structure of a P2E project. At a surface level glance, obvious notable changes in the Coinracer model are:

  • Total Supply: Fixed (no minting or burning of tokens)
  • Rewards Pools: Fixed (team decides any fluctuation in total rewards given each month)
  • NFT Minting: Controlled Supplies

In short, these three seemingly minor changes completely alleviate a project of two major ailments: token inflation and NFT saturation. But to provide healthy circulation volume and true long-term sustainability.

 Coinracer, a Gen. 2 P2E gaming benchmark, is once again leading by example, having added interactive user-controlled gaming, real-time multiplayer competition, and featured the Gen.1 aspects:

  • Fair Play PvP (skill-based multiplayer, wagered income)
  • CR Rumble PvP (skill and progress-based multiplayer utilizing upgradeable attributes, wagered income)
  • ChipRace PvE (probability-based single-player utilizing upgradeable attributes)

The Coinracer team has decided to roll out the Beta version of Coinracer in February. The in-game economy is based on $CRACE tokens. Before the race begins, players contribute a set quantity of tokens to a reward pool. The reward pool allocation between race winners is controlled by the CSP or CoinracerSmartPool mechanism. $CRACE is a Binance Smart Chain BEP20 token with a total supply of 100,000,000. With the release of Coinracer Alpha 1.0, the company will offer a single-player mode for players to practice and acquire a feel for the game, as well as one free-to-play car.

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