Kaunas, Lithuania–(Newsfile Corp. – January 31, 2022) – Announcing the Ertha, a Binance Smart Chain-based MMO world simulation that features social, economic, and political game mechanics. It also provides for permanent metaverse land ownership via an NFT-based in-game land sale system. In other words, it’s as close to a real-world simulation as it gets – a true metaverse.

Its seed round became oversubscribed in less than a day. The sale saw four venture capital firms offer far more seed capital than the project had looked for.

All About Ertha

The in-game world of Ertha is one set against the backdrop of a post-apocalyptic Earth. Parts of its globe are beset with flooding, while other parts battle constant wildfires. As a simulation, it’s like a worst-case scenario projection of the real world if we fail to get our act together, climate-wise. And the situation in the game forces players to compete against one another to find a way forward – as landowners take on the roles of businessman, scholar, or fighter to protect and expand their territories and economies.

But landownership in the game isn’t just conceptual. Every landowner has the option to develop their properties to host all manner of commercial ventures. And that means they can levy sales and income taxes, charge for travel to and from their territories, earn rent from warehouses, and more.

Such transactions happen constantly. All of the transaction income passes through to the landowner in the form of the ERTHA token – Ertha’s primary in-game currency.

The Ongoing NFT Land Sales

The world of Ertha features a globe that’s divided into 350,000 land plots called HEXs, each represented as a unique NFT. Each HEX comes with its own unique features and resources that its owner can use to power their nation and gameplay strategy.

So far, HEXs are only available through a limited private sale, and many of them are already spoken for, but new countries and regions are being added to the sale almost daily. Staking has also been launched and is accessible through Ertha’s staking portal.

Upcoming Developments

Although the metaverse itself has yet to launch its public release, many of Ertha’s core gameplay mechanics are already ready. Shortly, they’re set to add a variety of real-world situations and events. These include the ability to launch or participate in wars among the in-game territories or engage in illicit smuggling to cater to black-market appetites in the metaverse.

They also plan to include the creation of political parties and parliamentary systems as a form of territorial governance. And to support that, the developers are building elections and voting systems for players to make their voices heard. They’re also working on an upgrade to the metaverse’s fight module to add multiplayer capabilities to the mix.

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