Minsk, Belarus–(Vehement Media  – November 17, 2021) – The company Crypto Gaming United (CGU), the co-founder of which is Sergei Sergienko who has his roots in Chelyabinsk, has committed to investing $1 million in NFT-game CryptoBots with expectation of further growth of the play-to-earn gaming segment.

CryptoBots is a collectible play-to-earn with PvP and PvE modes for combat that is a modern take on arguably the first big NFT-game, CryptoKitties. The original CryptoBots game was created in 2017 however, after the cryptocurrency crash of 2018, the project was put on hold. Last month, CryptoBots announced plans to launch into a new fully fledged play-to-earn game in partnership with p2p.org. The new CryptoBots game is scheduled to launch in 2022.

CGU has purchased in-game assets worth over $1 million in cryptocurrency. The company intends to rent out CryptoBots characters to players who will in turn earn money with them.

The principle on which players interact with CGU is similar to Uber’s model. Drivers don’t need to buy a car to start earning money, because it’s being provided by Uber. That’s how CGU also works – the player shares their income in exchange for access to NFT-characters, which in general can cost thousands, if not tens of thousands of dollars. This radically lowers the entrance threshold for newcomers.

“We believe that CryptoBots could become the most popular play-to-earn NFT-game. Every player can make money here without any initial investments required” – the co-founder of CGU, Sergei Sergienko explains.

The CGU cryptoplatform, which promotes play-to-earn business model, has built the largest guild community with over 5,500 players earning cryptocurrency from 30 countries after its successful IDO, during which $2.5 million worth of tokens were sold in a record 6 seconds.

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