Nashville, Tennessee–(Vehement Media – November 17, 2021) – The developers of Baby Tiger King plan to use the high profits that blockchain technology brings to solve the real problems associated with illegal tiger hunting.

Baby Tiger King

Baby Tiger King has set out to transform the cryptocurrency industry by creating a coin that benefits tiger conservation and its holders. The goal is to bridge real purpose and real-world problems with profit, which blockchain technology gives us the ability to do.

Proceeds will go to reputable organizations to end tiger poaching, among other things, the creators are launching a game that will be available on iOS & Android, as well as launching their own collection of 5000 NFTS this month.

Poaching is the main threat to tigers’ existence: over the last century, 97% of the world’s population of wild tigers was exterminated. Poaching has been a problem in the world since ancient times, and the problem is primarily socio-economic. In this situation, demand generates supply; every organ of the tiger is sold on the black market. Tiger parts are used for the treatment of various diseases as well as for interior decoration.

To stop illegal poaching of wild tigers, BABY TIGER KING with the help of its community plans to raise awareness of this problem to reduce the demand for illegal products.

Tokenomics of the project:

Users will be charged 16% for each transaction. These funds will be allocated to:

  • liquidity pool – 3%
  • marketing – 6%
  • reflections for holders – 3%
  • token burning – 4%

You can participate in saving tigers and buy $BabyTK token by using the contract address: 242985ac83737aadee909f486d46178587c4

Learn more about the project on the official resources:


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Company: Baby Tiger King LLC

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