Investors and project owners’ barriers are resolved as guaranteed allocations become a reality

Panama City, Panama–(Vehement Media – November 16, 2021) – Infinite Launch, a new cross-chain launchpad for both Decentralised Finance (DeFi) and nonfungible token (NFT) projects has just introduced the one-of-a-kind allocation mechanism that offers investors a guaranteed access to their IDO projects’ allocation pool regardless of their position or resources. This groundbreaking innovation is rooted from a deep understanding of the project leaders towards the crypto market.

Cutting-Edge Innovation With A Meaningful Purpose

“We are fully aware that despite high potential for growth, the launchpad industry has been facing numerous pain points that hinder every stakeholder from making their most of it. For instance, project owners can’t reach long-term investors and always have to go deep with their token dumping after the IDO, while investors are also struggling with getting whitelisted for the IDO and frequently miss their chances to multiply their financial assets.

However, we believe that everyone deserves a reward if they show the dedication to support the project in the long-term. Therefore, under the Diamond-Hand mechanism, they will have their chance to get guaranteed IDO allocations by committing to vest the token they are going to buy for a longer period of time. Spontaneously, this mechanism will also bring long-term token holders for the project, as well as mitigate the pump & dump schemes upon listing to some extent,” says Henry V., Co-Founder of Infinite Launch.

In detail, Infinite Launch’s allocation process is started with the division of the total allocation amount under two pools for two different user types – the Infinite Army and the ILA Tier, with 20% going to the former and 80% to the latter. While ILA Tier users are those who earn an allocation slot thanks to their high number of token locking, the Infinite Army are normal users who succeeded in showing their dedication towards the launchpad and the project, thereby being granted a slot for the IDO allocation without having to hold any launchpad token.

Launchpad Token

Guaranteed Allocation + Well-Established IDO Projects = 100% Profit Multiplication?

In order to make a five-star dish, quality ingredients are needed besides a good recipe. At Infinite Launch, investors are not only granted a chance to have guaranteed allocation, the platform already had everything beforehand and ready to introduce the best-in-town projects, including The Wasted Lands, Champ Force and a few more upcoming titles.

A special allocation together with a list of unicorn projects to be launched, it is easy to imagine how much profit users can earn from this launchpad. This well preparation also differentiates the projects with the rest of the market, as other launchpads often take a long time to introduce an IDO project to their users. With Infinite Launch, everything has already set to rocket the users’ earnings to infinity and beyond.

The Launching of Infinite Launch – A Groundbreaking Milestone in the Cryptoverse?

With its crystal clear potential for growth, Infinite Launch already received a massive amount of international recognition from different stakeholders in the market. The project successfully achieved a hard cap investment of 2 million US dollars with great support from experienced and credible partners and influencers, including Crypto Differ, Exnetwork, GGG, Maven, Lotus, Kernel, Chain, Averse, Phoenix Newtribe, IBA, Basics, X21, BCA, DCI, Vietnam Blockchain Capital and many more. Thanks to its distinctiveness and the strong partner portfolio, the project also attracts high attention with more than 20 multinational communities conducting different AMA sessions. Its main Telegram community has also surpassed 80.000 members, with the number of followers on the official Twitter account reaching 57,700.

With such astonishing achievements and a promising future, Infinite Launch will officially introduce its token to the public in the last week of November 2021. The detailed instructions for joining the launchpad’s public sale on its Medium channel already captured great attention, which states that the majority of allocation will be provided for users who have owned Infinite Launch’s Bony Bastard NFTs, while the rest are open for everyone who recognize the launchpad’s potential.

However, things don’t just stop at that. It is announced that Infinite Launch will also be launching on one of the biggest Centralized Exchange globally based on CoinMarketCap. Such exciting news seems to forecast the launching of Infinite Launch going beyond just a boom in the launchpad industry, but a historic occurrence in the crypto world. Visit Infinite Launch website and join its community to get updated about the official launching and earn a golden seat to enjoy probably the biggest crypto event in 2021. For more information about how to join the IDO, please learn more via its Medium announcement.

ILA Public Sale

About Infinite Launch

Infinite Launch is a cross-chain launchpad for hand-picked DeFi & NFT projects with the first-ever mechanism where holders can lock away their tokens for guaranteed IDO allocations.

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