New York, New York–(Vehement Media – November 16, 2021) – Computecoin’s (CCN) Ale Wallet, which launched on October 29, 2021, is a browser extension that gives users one-click access to their CCN assets. The wallet launch follows closely on the heels of CCN’s testnet, which debuted on September 27 for selected computing providers. The launch drew attention from hosts of thousands of nodes across the globe. Computecoin intends the testnet to serve as a secure, decentralized platform that puts a range of Metaverse Dapps at users’ fingertips. By November 4, the wallet had been downloaded 37,553 times.

CCN began in 2018 as a research project at a university lab. Thanks to relentless innovation, today CCN has added a couple of US patents to its quiver and enjoys the backing of leading scholars and researchers, including Dr. Steve Liu, an IEEE fellow and a fellow at the Canadian Academy of Engineering; and Dr. Michael Saunders, a fellow of the Royal Society of New Zealand. CCN’s expert team also boasts several other IEEE fellows and professors.

CCN comprises two layers: PEKKA, and a blockchain called MCP (the Metaverse Computing Protocol). In particular, CCN’s layer-1 blockchain, the MCP, is designed to serve the metaverse by ensuring the reliability and authenticity of every virtual machine on the network. MCP utilizes a patented consensus algorithm called “proof of honesty” (PoH), which guarantees the authenticity of outsourced computing results. PEKKA will aggregate, optimize, and distribute computing power from networks such as data centers, decentralized cloud storage companies (i. e. Filecoin and Chia), making CCN an eco-friendly solution for metaverse developers and users alike.

Computecoin CEO Mourad Mazouni highlighted CCN’s unique contribution to the metaverse sector: “Computecoin is the first project to take on the computational challenges facing metaverse applications specifically. We envision an infrastructure that can provide rich, low-cost, instantaneous, and trustable computing power to metaverse developers and users. For the past two years, we have been working hard to lay the groundwork for Computecoin. We are thrilled to invite miners to join our testnet finally.”

About Computecoin

Computecoin (CCN) is a self-evolving internet computer designed to power the metaverse by serving as infrastructure for metaverse applications. CCN empowers metaverse applications a boost by integrating and dynamically configuring decentralized clouds such as Filecoin, ICP (Dfinity) and data centers-enabling immersive experiences for end-users such as VR/AR gamers.


Contact person: Milo Wang

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