Milan, Italy–(Vehement Media. – December 10, 2021) – DOGEDI team is pleased to announce its listing on PancakeSwap, after which it started trending, launched on Pancakeswap on December 7th, it was listed on Coingecko and Coinmarketcap in less than 12 hours. While there are Rewards planned with Christmas in mind, through BNB for the holders.

                        DOGEDI Token

Dogedi Token

Dogedi is the first token inspired by the Star Wars universe. The team attempts the idea of taking the iconic Doge and making him a Jedi master. The graphic impact of the entire project is studied in detail and captivating as well.

Security Measurements

Dogedi team aims at the security, to make the project transparent and comfortable to join, and that through getting a double KYC audit verified by Solidproof and Pinksale. The contract is deployed and verified on BSC and also audited by Tech Rate as well as by Audit Rate Tech.

Dogedi Features

The features are kept simple yet meaningful by the team, it comes with Auto-Claim feature, which rewards the users, every hour.

And then comes the Auto-Boost system, (which is also called, Deathstar Protocol) and a strategic buyback function, which includes a repurchase fee of 6%. In addition to this, the project includes periodic Burns that will help increase the value of the token.

The Dogedi Vision For The Future

To begin, the technical department is working on a series of implementations related to the world of NFTs. With their aim to ensure that the NFT marketplace will soon have full integration into the Dogedi Card Game.

Dogedi is aiming to reveal the trailer after finishing the private sales. The current insights revealed includes that it will be integrated into the new FACEBOOK METAVERSE (marketplace for cards but also battles between players in virtual arenas with VR) and that it will be an NFT collectible card game, with which users can challenge each other and which will have different levels of power and skill depending on when the card is purchased. The cards will be possible to purchase via Dogedi Token.

The Dogedi Charity

In addition to the card game project, Dogedi will also deal with charity. As animal lovers, their team plans a series of initiatives in which the community will actively participate (with surveys and other activities) to support associations that deal with saving and relocating abandoned animals, which as everyone knows during the Covid-19 epidemic are increased exponentially.

Dogedi has been launched on Pancakeswap on December 7, and is already listed on CoinGecko and Coinmarketcap.

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