Hong Kong, China–(Vehement Media. – December 10, 2021) – Dvision Network has announced about the cooperation with the Republic Realm, through the LAND NFT investment made by the latter. Republic Realm is considered to be the biggest digital estate investment fund, mainly owing to the acquisition of a massive $4.3 million virtual property piece in Sandbox, which is in fact a record sale. Through LAND Acquisition, Republic Realm strives to make investments in some of the most forward-thinking metaverses. Republic Realm obtained the biggest LAND Lots in Axie InfinitySandboxSomnium Space and Decentraland, and now it has purchased the largest portion of the LAND Lots in Dvision Network.

        Republic Realm Invests In Dvision Metaverse

Dvision Network can be understood as a multichain metaverse platform developed on top of the Ethereum Network and linked to the mainnet of BSC. It is supported by DVI, the native token of the platform, which offers users with utility and governance privileges. As a result, Dvision is separated into three key platform pillars: Meta-City, Meta-Space, and NFT Marketplace.

Purchasing Virtual Property

Ever since the popularity of the metaverse skyrocketed this year, many companies around the world have been trying to make viable investments into this new digital frontier. It could even be said that the company is rapidly approaching the global implementation of Web 3.0, which shall presumably revolutionise the current digital landscape and change how our world functions.

Republic Realm therefore wants to be a part of this digital revolution, and it has thus acquired 18 premium 3×3 LAND NFTs within Dvision Metaverse. As of right now, the minimum value for these LANDs is roughly $40,000 per NFT, implying that Republic Realm has $700,000+ in Dvision NFTs.

Moreover, the incorporation of the Dvision Network with the Republic Realm portfolio reinforces the notion that the Dvision Metaverse, together with Axie Infinity, Decentraland and Sandbox, is currently among the most well-known blockchain-oriented projects.

Dvision gets increasingly involved

Dvision has already held a LAND SALE on its marketplace as well as two additional partner platforms, Binance NFT as well as NFTb. The LAND Lots had all been sold out in a matter of minutes, as per the official release, with Binance NFT completing the deal in a single second. Also, the price range regarding LAND NFTs these days is said to be trading at about 700% appreciated price on the secondary marketplace, Refinable, for the basic 1×1 LAND NFT. 

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Name: Boburjon Muydinov
Email: official@dvision.network
Company: Dvision Network

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