Miami, Florida–(Vehement Media. – March 11, 2022) – Dr. Alfonso Cahero is an international recognised mogul, Professional in, Finance, Construction, and Real Estate Developments Industries. In 2022 Cahero Holding will develop the world’s biggest Mega Shipyard for cruiser’s construction, remodeling and maintenance in Mexico. Cahero Capital will structure funding for 500 plus million dollars, and Cahero Construction will act as a general contractor for this ambitious project.

                     Dr. Alfonso Cahero

DR. Alfonso Cahero is the Chairman & Founder at Cahero Holding. He has a PhD in Economics and Finance specialised in Banking, Corporate, Finance, and Securities Law, a Specialization in Financial Technology, and a PhD Architecture and Engineering.

About Cahero Holding

Cahero Holding was founded in 2013, with the aim of generating, through its business conglomerate, comprehensive solutions that meet the needs of our clients, all within the following industries worldwide: finance, construction, and real estate development. Cahero Holding is integrated by: Cahero Family Office, Cahero Capital, Cahero Real Estate Developments and Cahero Construction.

In 2003, Cahero Capital was founded, with the aim of helping businesses to achieve their goals, the firm provides the most efficient, complete, and compelling financial planning structures worldwide, to give access to capital thru its Family Office. Its services are fast, flexible, and highly automated to fulfill your specific business needs, available from small, and midsize businesses to large enterprises, and government institutions.

In 2003, Cahero Construction was founded with the aim of offering a comprehensive construction service that maximizes the potential of resources through a strict and orderly control of flows, exhaustive quality control of the processes, resulting in execution according to fulfillment of deliveries deadlines. The company contributes to the success of its clients, offering high performance through its resources, processes, and good practices to provide services with the highest quality, being a socially responsible and environmentally conscious company. The firm’s capacity in construction is not limited; it carries out special projects, both in magnitude and impact, as well as in complexity and requirements.

Cahero Real Estate Developments was founded in 2009, with the aim of structuring the firm’s potential within the architectural design of its executive projects, adding to its extensive experience in the world of construction, supported by its financial strength to generate real estate developments.

The Mega Shipyard Project in Mexico

In Dubai in December 2021, Dr. Alfonso Cahero spoke about his vision for 2022, at the 17th Sir Anthony Ritossa Global Investment Summit.

One of the most outstanding news was the announcement of the construction of the largest Shipyard in the world focused on the construction, remodelling and maintenance of cruise ships of international companies.

For this project, Cahero Capital will create a financial planning structure to capitalize more than 500 million dollars through Cahero Family Office. On the other hand, Cahero Construction will act as the general contractor for this ambitious project.

Dr. Alfonso Cahero confirmed that multiple world-renowned companies in the commercial cruise market have expressed their interest in reserving spaces for the services that the shipyard will provide.

Dr. Alfonso Cahero added that the capacity of this shipyard and the technology implemented stand out in electrical efficiency, sustainability, low CO2 emissions and operational dynamics, making it one of the most innovative shipyards worldwide.

In addition, this project will create new jobs, as well as the tremendous demand for supplies that will be required to meet the needs of its day to day operation.

The impact of the Shipyard will make the region’s economy grow, and thousands of people will benefit directly and indirectly throughout the country with the development of this project.

Learn more about Dr. Alfonso Cahero, his expertise, and the exclusive services offered by his business conglomerate Cahero Holding.

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