London, United Kingdom–(Vehement Media. – March 10, 2022) – Mind music, the world’s first Record Label powered by crypto is launching a massive airdrop campaign through Coinmarketcap. Details for the airdrop and participation instructions can be found on Coinmarketcap. This airdrop will expose Mind Music to millions of users.

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Mind Music has also made staking live on its platform by launching its staking pools, The staking pools offer users an opportunity to earn up to 75% APY on their tokens holdings. Users only need to connect their wallets to staking pools to earn passive rewards. Apart from staking, the Mind Music just got listed on it’s first CEX – Coin Tiger. This listing makes it easier to trade and transfer.

Despite the fact the record label has only just launched, MIND Records is flying! The first released single ‘HURT’ has garnered tens of thousands of Spotify streams, hundreds of thousands of YouTube views, and millions of streams on Tik-Tok and Instagram. It also won the UK Song Contest in the Music Aid category! Mind Music aims to be collaborating with major worldwide artists by the end of 2022 and will be releasing its own NFT collection in the coming weeks.

Mind Music, a project focused on larger good

Mark Hamilton is the creator of Mind Music. Mark has spent much of his life in and around the music industry, putting Mind Music in a strong position.

Mind Records, Mind Music’s own independent record label, is powered by Mind Music. To raise money and awareness for mental health, Mind Records will release a series of albums. The company has already started working. So far, the first song has been released and the first album is recorded. The album’s earnings will be split 80 percent between suicide prevention and mental health organizations, while the remaining 20% will be used to purchase and burn Mind Music Token.

The project hopes to help those suffering from depression and other types of mental illness at Mind Music. The project wants to show patients that they are not alone and provide hope through understanding by using the power of music to connect with them. The platform aims to give folks a musical outlet so they can start their journey to a more stable mind.

Soon, the Mind Music NFT collection will be available! Only 1010 unique mints (1000x Public / 10x Team & Giveaways) are available in the founding series NFTs. There are 10x exclusive legendary NFTs hidden among the 1000 publicly available NFTs.

Every Mind Music NFT will come with a physical copy of Mind Record’s very first physical album release. Every NFT purchase will get a limited edition (numbered) coloured vinyl, CD, and digital download package from Mark Hamilton (1x package per NFT bought). The records will be mailed out as soon as they become available. (For more information, see the NFT Roadmap.)

The only way to get the limited-edition version of this CD is to purchase an NFT!

NFT holders will be the only ones to receive the 1% Mind Music transaction reflection simply by keeping the NFT in their wallet. Each NFT held will receive an equal number of reflections, the more NFTs one buys, the more reflections they will receive.

Mind Music is the driving force behind its own independent record label, which will collaborate with musicians from all around the world. Every year, the recorded music industry is worth more than $20 billion. The project intends to capture a little fraction of this market and help millions of individuals who are suffering.

MIND Records first released single has become the winner of the UK songwriting contest, in the music aid cover song category! What a fantastic achievement for Mark, Jan, and all the other musicians and producers who contributed to the creation of this spectacular composition.

Mind Music: The power of music

Mind Music utilizes the power of music to captivate the world’s imagination. Music therapy has been known to have various benefits in several mental health and health diseases such as traumatic brain injury, dementia, Alzheimer’s, and others. Every day, millions of people suffer from mental illness. Mind Music plans to collaborate with big international artists to raise global awareness. Mind Music will bring people together for a very essential and long-overdue conversation through the album releases. Become a part of the ecosystem and a musical revolution. Mind Music will eventually become its own record label, producing a series of albums in order to generate funds and awareness for mental health. The initial project comprises a total of 12 tracks thus far.

Each Mind Music Coin transaction is subject to a 4 percent transaction tax. The funds raised from this tax will be used to further the project’s development. The first album will cost roughly $40,000 to record, market, and adequately advertise. Eighty percent of the earnings from each release’s record sales will go to mental health and suicide prevention charities, while the remaining twenty percent will be used to Buy & Burn Mind Music Coin and boost its value for the benefit of its holders. Because of the growing interest in the native token and the noble purpose with which it is affiliated, its value has surged.


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Contact Person: Mark Hamilton
Company Name: Mind Music
City: London
Country: UK

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