Luxembourg, Luxembourg–(Vehement Media – November 30, 2021) – With the announcement of the Elevation Capital Fund, Elevation Technologies has brought a disruptive transformation in the trading world. The most minute errors can cause significant losses in the market, and the elimination of such was practically impossible before this advent in technology.

Elevation technologies (London) the creator of the Automated Algorithm Trading System (AATS) confirm that their proprietary system has officially removed all human error during trading processes, even in the volatile markets.

Thanks to this achievement they announced the opening of Elevation Capital Fund (Luxembourg-AIF no A00003001) ready to execute the former impossible goal of a complete autonomous trading, that can perform aggressively and defensively in the world’s most fluctuating markets.

“For over 5-years, we managed AATS accounts for investment banks,” said a company spokesperson. “Testament to our hard work and invaluable market experience, we are confidently launching the Elevation Capital Fund to the investor community with a system that has no human flaw potential, a rather revolutionary day in the world of trading.”

The algorithm machine learning design is creating ultimate tradability options with smart rotation strategies, with a focus on forex cross currency pair, and in parallel on stocks indices/ bonds/commodities and energy futures.

Developed via a team of brilliant mathematical brains and algorithm experts, leveraging testing strategies without interruption, The Elevation Capital Fund is here to set the international algorithmic trading standard.

“The launch of this fund marks the realization of our ambition and commitment to this project,” said the spokesperson. “We have engaged in five years of streamlining our own proprietary machine learning platform, automating algorithmic trading, and delivering well above market average profits month-over-month.

“All qualified investors, are invited to join us in this new paradigm of AATS, one that presents an investment opportunity they have never-before accessed.”

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