Dubai, United Arab Emirates–(Vehement Media – November 30, 2021) – Lately, there’s a strong enterprise interest in the Metaverse, that consumer brands see as the next big catchment area for customer acquisition. Therefore Polytrade is looking forward to developing a product that will enable enterprise transactions in the Metaverse.


One of the smallest market cap tokens to list on Kucoin and one of the top gainers in DeFi on trading charts, Altcoin ranks in the top 20 on Lunarcrush, a series of exchange listings and MVP unveils at the World Blockchain Summit in Dubai** – the list of accolades goes on. Q4 of 2021 has indeed been an eventful quarter for Polytrade. But, it’s the foray into the Metaverse that makes the mix all the more eclectic as the company aims to develop a protocol to govern enterprise-to-enterprise and enterprise-to-individuals transactions on the metaverse.

The lending pools of Polytrade will use gamification as one of their core underlying philosophies to address the need-gap in metaverse transactions with pseudonymous identities, online reputation management, identity validation and payment management. With this move, the buzzword GameFi is all set to adopt a new meaning and gravitas.

For a DeFi crypto lending platform that aims to meet the working capital needs of SMEs in developing economies, this is a major yet natural progression that was imminent. With the MVP live on Testnet and development in full swing towards a Mainnet launch in January, their pursuit of improving livelihoods of small & medium scale enterprises in developing economies and thereby impacting global trade is already on the right track. The co-founder and COO of Polygon, Mr. Sandeep Nailwal, has been quite bullish on Polytrade as he made his views public at the India Crypto Summit* earlier this year. In fact, it was Sandeep and Piyush, who identified the opportunity in the Metaverse space for enterprise-to-enterprise transactions during their meetup at World Blockchain Summit with Polygon set to be onboarded as the first customer for Polytrade Meta.

Key partnerships have been forged with Formation (a calibrated risk-return platform for lenders), Polygon (the blockchain on which Polytrade is built), Chainlink (the pricing oracle for real-time price feeds), Venly (for user wallets on the dapp), Unreal Finance and many more. Real-world strategic tie-ups with Global Trade Review for visibility in the Trade Finance world and MoU with Marco Finance, a company focused on SME lending in LATAM markets, for access to a new market have been secured, making Polytrade’s real-world intent a clear and present agenda. All of this is powering Polytrade to launch its MVP at 10:10:10 hours UTC, 10th of January 2022.

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* Sandeep Nailwal speaks about the promise of Polytrade –
** MVP unveil at World Blockchain Summit –

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