Singapore, Singapore–(Vehement Media. – December 15, 2021) – F11 (First Eleven), a digital marketplace for football enthusiasts, allows users to realize their dream of holding unique artwork curated by their favorite football players and club.

Co-founders Zac Anderson, left and Kaz Patafta, right.

F11 allows users to experience the best football news, fixtures, live scores, and access to the best football-related NFTs.

The team at F11 explained:

“We are more than just an app. We are a community of football lovers. Our focus is on building an engaging community of football enthusiasts. So feel the adrenaline rush of being on the pitch with F11.”

The F11 team comprises of professional footballers, marketers, developers and community managers who, combined, have tremendous experience in the cryptocurrency, NFTs, and football industries. The platform was created with numerous unique features, including NFT collections, a vote to earn system, F11 Fantasy Champions League, staking, launchpad, and F11 Foundation.

F11 Team and Features

The F11 NFT collection is rolled out by famous football players. Each NFT has a different rarity curated by the footballer. Note that the higher the NF, the higher it will cost to buy it from the sellers. The F11 Fantasy Champion League allows users to create their avatar, which they can use to hit the pitch. The F11 Fantasy Champion League also will enable players to develop an NFT version of themselves.

F11 allows users to win NFTs and cash prizes for participating in match outcomes (win or draw) for the vote-to-earn concept. Users will be required to swipe through fixtures of various matches and vote before starting the game. However, while the platform allows users to view the fixtures, live scores, and news for free, users will have to pay a fee to vote on the outcome of the matches.

In addition to the NFTs, the platform also offers holders an opportunity to earn by staking their tokens to earn fan tokens of their favorite teams. These teams will be listed on the F11 launchpad. Additionally, the launchpad will allow football clubs listed to raise funds from their clubs through IDOs. The platform will also have liquidity pools funded by fans that act as liquidity providers for clubs to finance their activities.

On the other hand, the platform created the F11 foundation to support young football talent, allowing them to actualize their dreams of becoming stars. The foundation hopes to impact the world as it helps young talents get all the resources they need to become stars.


The F11 community has an ERC20 native token, the $F11 that has a total supply of 2, 000, 000, 000, 000,000 F11. Notably, 1 000, 000, 000, 000, 000 F11 will be burnt at launch, with an additional 0.5% of every buy and sell transaction will be retained for the token burn at regular intervals. The token gives users the ability to become legends by engaging in P2P games. The token also allows users to partake in the F11 Champions league and have voting rights to favorite clubs.

5% has been reserved for the F11 team from the total supply, while 10% will be promotional. This will include airdrops to footballers and other influencers to encourage the promotion of $F11. The platform also plans to use a 9% sales tax on every sale transaction for marketing and development of the token, while about 3% from the buy and sell transactions will be going into the First Eleven Foundation for a more significant cause.

Note F11 still has a lot in store for its community with CEX listing and strategic partnership lurking.

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