Ottawa, Ontario–(Vehement Media. – December 15, 2021) – Diamond Wallet, a mobile application and website that will allow users to purchase any Binance Smart Chain token from PancakeSwap using a credit card and Gorilla Diamond Inc. back-end technology, announces that it will be the first company in the world to bridge that gap.

                      Diamond Wallet

Diamond Wallet is a subsidiary project of Gorilla Diamond Inc., an emerging crypto company with its very own currency, $GDT.

Gorilla Diamond Inc. has released many projects including and One of their upcoming projects include the Diamond Wallet app and their flagship development D.S.M, where they will create a peer-to-peer service market. In their roadmap for 2022, they also plan on entering the NFT and gaming markets.

Diamond Wallet will first release the ability to purchase tokens from PancakeSwap with a credit card on their website, The Diamond Wallet mobile app will boast many more features than the website, and is expected to be released by the end of the year, 2021. The mobile app is expected to be released on Google Play and the Apple Store and offers many features such as tracking your reflections (earnings) from all tokens available in your wallet.

The Diamond Wallet reflection tracking is an advanced dashboard that will allow users to see future projections of their earned reflections and can filter these projections based on daily, weekly or monthly time durations.

The Diamond Wallet is a decentralized wallet, users can import an existing wallet or create a new wallet. Users own the keys to their wallet and always have full control of their funds.

Diamond Wallet plans to ease the barrier of entry into crypto by removing the traditional obstacles users face when entering the crypto market. The ability to simply enter a credit card number and select any token or manually enter any token to purchase from PancakeSwap will revolutionize the crypto space, as this has never been done before.

Gorilla Diamond Inc. has a strong team behind each project and has captured the public’s attention with strong ambitions to continue scaling as a company. Gorilla Diamond Inc. will increase all marketing initiatives during 2022 and 2023, specifically for the Diamond Wallet and D.S.M. Pre-launch advertising initiatives have started with screens on major intersection billboards, shopping malls, universities, and other local establishments across the UK and expanding into additional global markets.

The Diamond Wallet team aims to build strong relationships with crypto communities and companies to further ease the public entry into the crypto market.

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