Bringing companies and big brands together with paid focus group survey participants is nothing new for Focus Quota, the leading provider of qualitative research respondents

New York, New York–(Vehement Media. – January 18, 2022) – Focus Quota, the leading global qualitative research fieldwork solutions provider, today announced the FQ Qualitative Collective.

Bringing big companies and brands together with paid focus groups participants is nothing new for Focus Quota.

With the new FQ Qualitative Collective, businesses can now get participants for last minute market research recruitment project needs. This new feature allows companies to recruit respondent participants for in-person paid focus groups, IDI’s, TDI’s, mock juries, mobile sessions and much more.

Companies also have the choice to recruit in one city, multiple cities, or even nationwide for market research studies and focus groups. In addition, if brands need unique characteristics and qualities, the Company has over 50 unique demographic features, including decision-making status, age, gender, location, income, buying power, and more.

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Focus Quota ( is a Qualitative Market Research Company that recruits participants for paid focus groups, surveys, research studies, market research, taste tests, mystery shopping and more.

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Brandon Miller, Account Manager
SOURCE: Focus Quota Qualitative Collective.

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