Kharkov, Ukraine–(Vehement Media  – November 23, 2021) –  The new project by is releasing its own token, the first project that combines science, medicine and blockchain. Pre-sale of the token is scheduled for December 2021.

The first stage will be a pre-sale, at a fixed token price. Further, the project goes to decentralized exchanges.

The main idea of the team is to change the paradigm of human life. The average life expectancy of people is the most valuable metric in the project. is a project that aims to improve relations between scientists, governments, the healthcare system. The team plans to raise $1,000,000 during the tokensale. Investments will be used to follow the roadmap.

‘We are a real team made of real people hoping to implement our ideas. Just increase the life expectancy of people’ – says Alexander Movchan, Givetime CEO.

‘Healthcare, science, and blockchain – we decided to combine this. And the Givetime project was launched. Now we are open to partnerships with other companies and governments. This is a huge project with ambitious goals, so we hope to get support from the community’ – says Alexander.

The project team will work together to implement ideas, such as:

  1. Increasing the human life expectancy by 10 years until 2027.
  2. Increasing the medical capacity and abilities of medical professionals
  3. Increasing the ability to diagnose health conditions
  4. Increasing opportunities to influence your health before involving doctors

Tokenomics looks like this:

8,000,000,000 GTM
0,1% transaction fees
No burning
No additional emissions

The Givetime project will be launched on BSC (Binance Smart Chain). The presale price of GTM is $0,05.

DeFI price is $0,10.

It will be possible to buy a GTM token on the PancakeSwap platform. There will be some benefits for holders.

Why differs from typical DeFI project:

  1. Real team
  2. Ambitious roadmap with offline implementation (open a clinic, research center)

The presale is scheduled for December 9th. The Givetime team also plans to launch on tier 1 crypto exchanges. But the main idea of is to implement ideas in real life. It looks prospectively: to invest, to follow the project, to be a part of the Givetime.

Media Contact:
Contact Person: Alexander Movchan

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