London, United Kingdom–(Vehement Media – November 23, 2021) – Ben Todar, CEO of Moon Nation, recently revealed that MoonNation is organizing a never seen before demonstration of the latest Metaverse technology. The project will be showcasing the capabilities on its upcoming AMA scheduled for November 28 on YouTube live. They will be using this technology to film the complete AMA, making it a one of its kind feat.

The company plans to partner with Virtualistic, also the world’s first user of in-camera VFX. It is capable of using VFX on live characters in real-time that too, in a VR environment. Although tested for recordings, the company has not tried it on a live event, such as an AMA. This will surely make this event the first-ever live VFX AMA session on the planet.

MoonNation, in their post, says, “If you want a preview of the future of VR and the Metaverse, then come listen to our CEO Ben answering all the questions by our community members related to MNG directly from the surface of Moon.”

“You will have to see it to believe it,” the company added.

$MNG is an unwavering utility token with rewards, liquidity tax, burn, marketing, and promotion wallet. This event publication positively impacted the price of MNG that rose by 0.29 % in 1 hour. Currently, MoonNation Game is available for investments on:

– PancakeSwap (V2) (MNG/WBNB)

– Hotbit (MNG/USDT)

MoonNation Game is the next-generation crypto-powered game built on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). After banning crypto games by steam, MoonNation came and started the crypto gaming revolution among gamers. @MoonNation0 on Twitter said that it is open for all games to use the native token MoonNation Bridge or MNB, and it will be the most prominent platform used by crypto gamers with their API, blockchain tech, and P2E, allowing crypto lovers to create games and so much more

The token also comes with a unique tokenomics where 10% from whole transaction fees is applied whenever tokens are bought, sold, or transferred. From this, 3% tokens are transferred to the liquidity pools for price maintenance. Another 3% are redistributed to all token holders. Whereas 2% are transferred to burn, causing a deflationary effect. The remaining 2% are restrained for marketing and development.

MooNation’s CEO Ben Todar expressed his belief by sharing in the crypto gamifying project long before this incident and started MoonNation to provide better options to users who wanted to explore the gamification of cryptocurrencies. With such good opportunities for MNG, the project is on a perfect track and is likely to grow even further.

The primary motive of building MoonNation was to bridge the gap between gaming and the token world. It is designed in such a way that it can integrate any game with an MNG token.

With all these futuristic goals, it can be said that MoonNation is currently the biggest space-based role-playing game ever built on BSC. The project will prove to be a continuous driver in the future of crypto gaming following its growth by gaining new utilities through regular developments. They are already designing a complete ecosystem of tokens, Crypto community, Gamers, in-game merchandise, reviewers, and competitors.

The MoonNation team with Ben Todar as its face also accompanies passionate and experienced professionals in cryptocurrency gaming, technology, marketing, and cybersecurity. MoonNation is planning for the Dubai Crypto Expo in October and focuses on the RPG 3D game. The company is seeking many future projects like NFT’s, Blockchains, and so forth.

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