Ahmedabad, Gujarat–(Vehement Media. – March 7, 2022) – Aim Institute of stock Market formerly known as Dharamik is leading the new-age stock market training programs in the state of Gujarat. The institute is providing 360-degree courses in Fundamentals of stock markets to provide extensive knowledge about the functioning of the stock market before foraying into professional trading and investment. The institute is providing new-age courses with lifetime support to its members to become successful traders. These courses are offered to both beginners and experienced traders.


The organization that provides near precise trading signal and market analysis reports has helped both beginners and experienced traders gain expertise in the stock market. It has also helped Gujarat-based business houses strengthen their portfolios.

From the Founder’s desk

Dharamik Thakkar, the founder of AISM says ” we have millions of traders who trade in the stock market regularly, but there is a huge dearth of organizations /institutions who provide right and complete guidance for safe and gainful trading. We are trying to fill this gap by providing in-depth knowledge and complete support.”

About Inception Of AISM

The organization was started by Dharamik Thakkar to help intraday traders to invest safely in the stock market. He launched Dharamik Enterprise LLP in 2019 with 15 members initially. Gradually he branched out from just consulting to providing full-fledged fundamental courses in the stock market.

The company started providing both courses as well as 24×7 lifetime support to its members. Dharamik has recently rebranded it as Aim Institute of Stock Market to align the business name with its core domain and strength. It works on the membership concept. Traders who want to avail the services need to take membership with AISM.

AISM is providing both individual and institutional investors build strong portfolios in the stock market by providing assistance in gainful trading.

About Dharamik Thakkar

Dharamik Thakkar is a young Gujarat-based entrepreneur who is the brain behind AISM. He had a keen interest in trading since his teenage days. He started trading with his father’s account at the age of 15 and gradually built his own account. When he found that he is good in the predictions and skills required, he built a social media page to provide support to intraday traders and also to get more expertise. In 2018, he founded Dharamik Enterprise LLP and in 2019 he started providing courses in Fundamentals of stock market which cover basics of trading and investment.

Media Contact:

Company mail: Dharmik.help@gmail.com
Website: www.Aism.in

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