London, England–(Vehement Media. – March 8, 2022) – Top speakers from META, DapperLabs, Sandbox, UEFA, LaLiga, Under Armour, took part in the much anticipated Global Sports Tech Summit 2022, a Global 3-D Virtual event being hosted using a groundbreaking Global 3-D Virtual event platform.

The #GSTS2022 unveiled itself as the largest driver in the sports tech industry with over 2.5K industry professionals joining in. The event was hosted by the widely celebrated sports tech accelerator and ecosystem HYPE Sports Innovation.

“Sporte Agency is thrilled to have been chosen to create and be the official supplier of the personalized NFTs to the GSTS2022 board members, panelists, and over 250 of the VIPs to the world’s biggest sports tech summit GSTS2022,” said Ricky Jackson, CEO of Sporte Agency. “As Gold Partners of this groundbreaking global event, we were able to help bring tokenized sports solutions to brands, teams, and athletes.”

Providing front row seats to a thrilling glimpse into ‘the future’ of sports, the #GSTS2022 was one of the most exciting events in the history of sports tech to date, exploring the new trends and opportunities, including #Metaverse and #NFT that will impact 2022, and bringing together with 250 top brands, 80+ leading Sports Tech Investment Firms & VCs, and global experts, as well as showcasing the 120+ Startups that will shake the future of sports as we know it.

HYPE Sports Innovation’s Founder and President Amir Raveh said: “As a leading player in sports innovation, we feel compelled to enlighten our valued ecosystem about the metaverse, NFTs, and what the future of sports holds. We believe that it’s our responsibility to take the leap into the metaverse and showcase some of the finest sports tech solutions, implementing a virtual environment, and allowing attendees to network efficiently to build long-term relationships and alliances within the sports industry.”

The summit’s attendees included some of the biggest decision makers from Borussia Dortmund, ANTA, Coca-Cola, RedBull, Liverpool, Manchester City, Golden State Warriors, ESL, AS Roma, Blackstone Fund, Kosmos Holdings, etc, who have the golden opportunity to mint their personalized NFTs during the event at a workshop alongside the VIP lounge.

We were elated to work with Hype Accelerator to network and connect with other leading sports brands, and industry professionals in a dedicated forum, and networking sessions, whereby the attendees were able to enter the 3-D networking area, from the comfort of their own homes, and access our Sporte Agency booth to discuss our end-to-end tokenized sports solutions.

The #GSTS2022 had all the hallmarks of pioneering a new and innovative way to host virtual events in a post-pandemic world as it included seven expo pavilions, focusing on the major sports tech trends, including: fan experience, smart stadiums, performance analytics, and specifically showcasing NFT and Metavese solutions with over 120 startups. Additionally, participants had the chance to experience a groundbreaking built-in simulator presenting the sports metaverse experience for sports brands, clubs, and fans – the very first of its kind.

The Hype and Sporte Agency Partnership was born when last year, Sports Agency joined an elite group of 32 sports organizations covering 14 countries and 10 sports as part of the HYPE’s Global Virtual Accelerator 2.0 (GVA2.0) – an international innovation pitch competition that offers some of the top sports tech startups the chance to secure pilot programs and other commercial collaborations with many of the brand partners involved. Over 1,400 startups applied for the program out of which, only a few were handpicked to lead HYPE’s journey to solve the sports industry’s real challenges in 2021.

Sports Agency is proud to have been selected to be one of these, having gone through a rigorous process with the involvement of HYPE’s partners, mentors, and other key stakeholders of the largest ecosystem in sports tech globally, the graduating startups including Sporte Agency was pleased to showcase their digital solutions, detail the role and impact that NFTs, tokens and the metaverse will have in the sports market for several years to come. It was an honor to work with and help some of the biggest names in the global sports industry navigate this blockchain space at the #GSTS22, and to present esteemed attendees with their complimentary personalized 3D NFT digital artwork by Sporte Agency.

Sports Agency is thankful for Hype and the incredible opportunity to present to the global elite in sport and business, having already presented tokenized digital solutions to some incredible companies across media, tech, and sporting goods, and we look forward to the next Global Sports Tech Summit.

About Sporte Agency:

Sporte Agency has 30 years of experience and expertise in sports, brand promotions, collectibles, and digital gaming. Providing fully tokenized services, to help brands and partners navigate, and create the perfect synergy and gateway between the physical brand and the virtual meta world brand experiences. Commercialization is achieved through creative excellence through AR and CGI experiences, digital tokenization, NFT collectibles, branded marketplaces, immersive def1, gamefi, dapp, and event experiences, with live examples being Greyhound Racing Game and Sporte NFT.

About HYPE Sports Innovation:

HYPE is the leading global platform for Sports Innovation, with 40k+ members including Startups, Sports Leaders, Clubs, Brands, Investors, and Mentors.

HYPE is a proven gateway for converting Sports Tech into Business Success. HYPE also created an unmatched success portfolio including 200+ startups that graduated from their programs, raising more than $200M, and 50% of them have also raised the 2nd round of funding.

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Contact Person: Ricky Jackson
Company Name: Sporte agency

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