Fairytale, an NFT collection backed by some of the biggest names in the NFT space, is live with its second round of whitelist in anticipation of its public launch.

Hong Kong, Hong Kong–(Vehement Media  – November 18, 2021) – Fairytale is a unique NFT collection based on a storyline set in a secluded and eerie forest. Each little girl has a unique storyline as she journeys into the forest in the dark fairy tale metaverse, with 7171 female characters. In the fairytales, each character faces a different ending. Fairytales’ goal is to provide users with a realistic experience to discover their versions of truth, goodness, and beauty amid the darkness.


Fairytale is currently in the midst of its second round of whitelisting, which allows early supporters and the community to mint NFTs at a discounted rate of 0.057 Eth. The whitelist was opened on November 14th and closed on the 20th, with only a few slots available to the community. Fairytale requires inviting 15 friends or being an active participant by chatting up to level 8 on its discord channel to get a presale whitelist spot. You can also boost their discord server and invite five friends for a whitelist spot.

Those who are successfully whitelisted will participate in the pre-sale mint, which will take place 2/3 days after the second round, with a mint price of 0.057 Eth for the genesis Fairytale NFTs.

The purpose of the whitelist and presale mint is to reward early members and active participants in the Fairytale NFT community. The Fairytale team will announce the public sale mint of Fairytale genesis NFTs after the presale mint for the whitelists.

Fairytale intends to grow its community in the future, and according to its roadmap, 20% of the genesis NFT sales will be used for team incentives. In comparison, the remaining 80% will be used to develop an “exploratory metaverse”. Holders of Fairytale NFTs will be eligible for another series of dark fairy tale metaverse NFTs to be airdropped to them shortly. Fairytale intends to expand its ecosystem by creating an ‘exploration game’ of the dark fairy tale metaverse and providing additional incentives to holders of the genesis NFTs, which will serve as the ticket to the fairytale’s metaverse.

Fairytale intends to add use cases to their genesis NFTs, transforming it into a rare utility NFT and driving value by constructing a gaming ecosystem around it. Fairytale is one of the few NFT projects aiming to expand the NFT landscape with utility fairytale NFTs while also providing value to holders.

You can join their discord if you want to be on the whitelist and get in before the price of Fairytale rises during the public mint. For all other inquiries, please use the following channels:

Discord: http://discord.gg/TtZBuN6cnr
Twitter: https://twitter.com/FairyTalesNTFs
Website: http://ftales.io

Media Contact:

Email: ruilinglee63@gmail.com

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