New York, New York–(Vehement Media – November 17, 2021) – XGold Coin announces $XGold token on Bitrue crypto exchange. XGold Coin offers an unlimited use case utility crypto-currency for distributed payment systems based on the consensus algorithm embodied in the Ripple Protocol. It bridges the gap between Bitcoin’s store-of-value and XRP’s incredible transaction speed. It supports value transfer using robust, collectively trusted peer-to-peer servers and sub-networks at nearly zero network cost or carbon footprint.


Built on XRP Ledger technology, XGold Coin is currently one of the very few tokens positioned for the next generation of real-world adoption. This project focuses on utilizing the greatest and most efficient distributed-ledger payment system to solve actual use cases.

“Imagine: trading XGold Coin for actual gold – in the form of 1 oz collectible gold coins featuring the XGold Coin logo embossed on one side, and a serial number tied to its authenticating NFT etched on the other. Verifiable on the XRP Ledger, transferable almost immediately at next to zero cost. And doing so in a trust-less manner utilizing multi-signature technology with non-custody escrow-like service – secured with encrypted private messaging”, said CMO Tom White.

The XGold Coin project does not offer any investment contracts, interest in any company, association, or enterprise. The distribution of XGold Coin, decentralized nature of the XRPL, community development, or any use thereof is private, does not amount to an investment of money, contract, scheme, or transaction, in a common enterprise, with a reasonable expectation of profits based on the efforts of others.


  • 100M – Total Supply
  • 61M – Circulation
  • 17M – Allocated for Developers
  • 17M – Redistributed to CEX
  • 5M – Marketing

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Company: XGOLD Unltd. Association

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