Toronto, Ontario–(Vehement Media- February 24, 2022) – CEO of TripleOne, James William Awad, announced the company’s plans for diversifying its portfolio today at its headquarters in Toronto. “Every once in a while, a big event will happen that will completely change the paradigm of how the world works. Usually, it’s the unfortunate and destructive events such as recessions, natural disasters, wars, and pandemics that make us take a long, hard look at how we’re doing things and how we can do better. The goal of those improvements is often to address short-term needs while ensuring long-term stability, which might include measures to avoid mistakes from the past,” expressed James.

“Even though we know that every so often things change completely, it’s incredibly hard to tell with a decent level of certainty what the future holds. The best analysts with the most detailed datasets can only go so far as to make an educated guess, and that can easily be wiped by one of these game-changing events,” he added.

“The idea is to create a sustainable decentralized business that would allow anyone, anywhere in the world, to participate in a business venture,” James William explained. “At TripleOne, we want to create a business environment that would allow people to have a say in how the business works, and to participate in its workings freely, and then claim rewards based on what they contributed.”

There are a couple of reasons to believe that some of the basic requirements for James’ vision of business in the future are being met. Infrastructure is one of the greatest requirements. Even though the world has recently seen the supply chain fail, the same cannot be said for internet access, even with the increased demand placed on ISPs.

For their part, James and the team of experts working on the TripleOne project are working on testing the concepts and making the changes required on their end for everything to run smoothly. “With requirements in both technology and financial viability, it might be some time before we have a definitive answer; however, the need of the hour is to follow the vision with full zeal,” voiced James.

In the meantime, however, the business culture will continue its shift in a favorable direction. Even before the recent events of the pandemic shook the world, remote working had been gaining momentum all around the world. The idea of having to be present at a certain location to perform specific actions is becoming antiquated in the fields that are location-independent and where it has stuck due to inertia. The new world is ready to go remote, and it’s more than willing.

“What remains to be seen is how our vision will pan out in the coming years,” said James William Awad, aka Senior. “Our concept of decentralizing decision-making in businesses could be a great stride in the democratization of the workplace, with far-reaching implications that could make the future of business next to unrecognizable to anyone living now. However, even if the idea remains in the confines of TripleOne, it’s bound to inspire others to follow our footsteps and think of better ways to do business,” concluded James.

About James William Awad:

James William creates music, codes, and develops novel concepts. As the CEO of TripleOne, he is one of the people who try to engage the world actively and change the direction it’s heading in. His field of choice is the business world, and he has a different vision of what it might look like in the future.

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